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  1. Hi steve is there any news on the Halfords Cards can you still used the old one 

  2. DIY GoPro Headrest Mount

    thats a cool hack.
  3. give kelsey a call mate, they will change it for you.
  4. When you guys book, please drop your name down here.
  5. introducing Leaderboard

    on your profile it shows how many days you have won 1st place. Iantt has 65 days
  6. introducing Leaderboard

    Let the fun begin with the Leaderboard Challenge can also be found in the forum sub menu
  7. Did you find FOC members helpful?

    a good licking never hurt anyone!
  8. Do you find forum responses from FOC members helpful? We would imagine you did, so please show your appreciation to our members and click "Like" in their post. It's members that go out of their way to help each other that make FOC such a great place, so liking their post is a visual way to say thanks!
  9. Hi Guys We had a lot of problems with tapatalk, especially with it making duplicate posts on the forums. We had to pause the account immediately. I could re-look in to this for the free account (we used to have a custom BYO app with them but updating was a nightmare, same as the support was a nightmare too) I am not sure I liked the way they now operate and the data they collected from members as well, and how they distribute content from competing sites, pretty sure they are using this data to take over the world ;) There is no source option. What I am trying to figure out is what tapatalk does better than the current mobile skin on the site? Edit: i have only just got up, so brain is now with it yet :D
  10. I just ran something over 😢

    i ran over about 3 gophers in Kazakhstan, and hit about 10 birds in Russia because for some weird reason they fly out in front of the car, maybe catching insects. I also have dash cam footage of a heard of horses in the road, luckily stopped in time.
  11. Ford Fair In Motion Video -

    Moved this as was getting no views.
  12. Check this out guys. Those who went to Ford Fair this year may have spotted Michal with his amazing camera.. well this is his work. Please comment to keep the thread active so everyone can see the hard work Michal put in to the video for us! cheers
  13. I have had issues for about 9 years, doctors have done loads of tests In the end o found i have an intolerance to certain breads, especially supermarket breads. For instance if i ate a white bap from tesco i would feel like i have been kicked in the stomach. I cannot remember the name of the preservative they use, but when i was in russia and asia, their breads are firm when fresh but i can eat that all day long. Just the soft squidy bread we get here.