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  1. Am thinking about buying a Focus ST170, in your opinion would it be a very good buy.
  2. Are you the same Aaron who also owns a Corvette??????
  3. The exhaust will make it look and sound sweet!!!!! Take care and have a good xmas
  4. I have an american sports car and I've seen what they call smoothy kits to cover engine parts in the engine bay, I wondered if they do them for Ford focus? i.e. fuel rail and battery covers etc. These really dress up the engine bay and make it a doddle to clean and you can match the colour to your car. It would be the icing on the cake concerning your focus as you've spent quite a bit of money so far. All the best. Des ;)
  5. Tatty engine compartment!!!!!
  6. try getting the car chipped! ;)
  7. How do you remove the door mirror covers on the new focus, I want to replace them with chrome ones!