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  1. Used my 06 Focus this pm and head lights worked OK. Came to go back home and they would only work on side and main beam - no dipped beam. Any idea as to cause would be much appreciated.
  2. At renewal the docs I had from Tesco said that as far as they were concerned I was at fault. When I contacted them they said this was normal until the claim was cleared. Had a letter from Tescp today after a query from me, saying that the others insurers had accepted liability, but until they had recovered all their costs as far as they were concerned I was at fault!! So they say they agree I'm not at fault but they aint going to do anything about it. Looks like time to consider moving.
  3. What are the consequences, actual and financial to getting it sorted?
  4. Yes it does.
  5. I have a 06 plate Focus Estate diesel. I have a knock/rattle that sounds as if it is coming from the bell house/ clutch area. Any suggestions as to what it may be?
  6. What's age got to do with it? I'm in one of the very minority number groups and belong to a group that own a restored mainline steam locomotive and fly a microlight aeroplane.
  7. A follow up on the subject of car insurance. It is some time since I have had to claim on vehicle insurance, but this one has been an eye opener. I am insured with Tesco Bank and I contacted them regarding a claim. This is a ‘No Fault’ claim as the insurers of the other driver, Direct Line, have accepted liability. From Tesco Insurance I have now had to deal with: Tesco Legal Guard for recovering my uninsured costs. Haven’t had any dealings with them yet as I have not paid any excess, etc. Even these are not dealt by Tesco but by B4 Claims Limited. Andover Ford where the Focus is being repaired. Expected that I would have to deal with the repairer. Albany Assistance Ltd who arrange, note arrange not provide, the courtesy car. The terms and conditions of providing this car are horrendous and carry more clauses than the original Tesco policy!! Help Hire Ltd who actually provides the car. The provision of the car is the one that raised my eye brows. Under my policy Tesco Insurance have a liability to provide me with a courtesy car. It actually turns out that I have to HIRE a car from Help Hire via Albany Assistance and stand the chance that I may have to pay for the hire. Quite how this fits into the terms of my insurance where by Tesco Insurance have a responsibility to provide me with a car I don’t see. Unfortunately my insurance comes up for renewal tomorrow 10 January, as I would have liked to have seen this little process played out to the end before I made that renewal to see how I was finally treated. No wonder insurance costs are so high when there are so many leaches sitting on the back of it.
  8. Going through my insurer is like the curates egg, good in parts. They don't do anything it is all farmed out. Most are OK but the dealings I have had with an outfit called Albany Assistance is a nightmare. I'm just about to write a letter of complaint to Tesco Insurance.
  9. You are quite right. According to Tesco Insurance it is all to do with controlling costs.
  10. Yes, I believe you are, that is why I couldn't see what the advantage was from my point of view.
  11. I don't know if this is the right place for this but here goes. Today I was hit by a van driven by a woman. This afternoon I had a telephone call from Direct Line saying they were accepting liability for the repairs. Now this is the bit I don't understand. They were offering to have the repairs to my Focus carried out and provide me with a service car instead of me going through my insurers. They say it would save me having to pay any excess on my insurance. The question is why would they do this, and if I accept what do I tell my insurers? Any one any comments?
  12. Looking to put some new boots on the Focus. Anyone got any preferences?
  13. Yes thanks your post made me decide to go that way. The outfit the unit came from were pretty good. Ordered and delivered in about 36 hours.
  14. Took the procedure from the last post. Only took half hour to do the job. Not worth even thinking about changing the lense.
  15. It's a W reg June 2000. Mk5?