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  1. Zetec S........... Aged 22 :D
  2. OK lets get it started then, Heres mine to use for the colour vision :D
  3. nice 1 mate! glad you ended up getting one :D..... ENJOY it :P Its gonna be a longggggggggggggggggggggg four days. :P
  4. hmmmm u sure... i spoke to a guy at work, he was a customer got talking and it led to cars. He actually worked at the ford branch near me and i told him about a rattle i have coming from the back seats(sounds like it any way) and he said take it in they will sort it out!!
  5. ill do the vision :D :D
  6. any1 got over 120mph in the mountune upgrade then????
  7. Question.... they say the upgrade makes the car acceleration quicker, 1.6 with out kit 0-60 in 9.9 seconds with kit 0-60 in 7.9seconds pretty impressive in deed, But is the top speed the same?? currently it is 120mph. Any1 done over that?......:P
  8. I know i really want to get the upgrade bit prices at the min... only had her for 3 weeks sooo everythink stilll feels fresh. probs next year ay! cheers for the website mate......
  9. Thanks mate :D
  10. How do you put your pic on when you reply to post's... i.e picture shows up on left hand side of post...( i have got a profile pic put for some reason it doesnt show when i post things! thanks..
  11. Cheers mate.... will have a look at that :) I just cant believe how stunning the new fiesta's are, every time i look at my car i think to my self is that actually MY car. Hoping to get the mountune upgrade( not the styling pack, just the extra 20bhp and exhaust :D:D Ford have done a good job on this model also the price is low! a really good package :):):)
  12. Im thinking about gettin chrome fog light surrounds for 15pound each but i dont know if it will suit my car colour. hmmmmmmmmm........
  13. dont like that badge put i think with the letter S on its own might be a exception :P
  14. sounds gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood cheers matey will have to do some shoping, dont mind if its for my baby :P :D