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  1. I'm having a creaking/knocking noice that seems to be coming from the passenger side door area. It hard to explain but it sounds like when you open the door and the plastic hinge mechanism inm the middle that stops the door opening too sounds like this as it engages are various stages of its travel when you open the door. I've tried greasing that part but no joy. The noice appears when you are mostly going slow and you turn the wheel and the weight of the car shifts. So if you're going slowly right and then turn the wheel left. Could be panels creaking where they are joined underneath?. My wife also has a Zetec S and she has the same noise although its very intermittent and not half as annoying as my car. Does anybody else have a similar issue. Its nothing to do with the bottom ball joint etc as I've checked those for play. I've played with other things like the back seats but I'm sure the noise is coming from the passenger footwell door area. I've shaken the front seat, the door but I can't replicate the noise unless I drive like described above. Its got worse in the last couple of months possibly becuase its dry?. Anybody had problems with shocks creaking? Hope somebody can help!
  2. Take the fuse out and replace it and it should start working normally. Happened to my wifes car last week. Fuses are behind the glove box. It's one of the large square fuses at the bottom.
  3. I don't have any grab handles :( ..driver or passenger side as I have curtain airbags B)
  4. forgot to sat that I'm having an Armster for Christmas so only day to day unused items will be stored the "secret hole"..perhaps I'll put my wheel nut lock in there...keeps it safer than the glovebox! My "man hands" are also on the large side but its always nice to have an extra storage space...there's only a cable in there at the moment with a charger block attached an no rattles so far!
  5. Didn't work..well it did and the old brabantia latch broke. It was an old one I had so wasn't very good now just the outside casing of the brabantia latch is in the hole in the dash and the latch on the door pushes into it. It's a bit stiff but if I leave the door slightly ajar and I can pull it down easily. I think I'll leave it like that for now and see if anybody else comes up with a solution. I'm just storing a few bits and pieces in there that I don't need all the time.
  6. A small brabantia push latch fits perfectly in the latch hole on the dashboard so its obvioulsy what Ford intended to put there..I'm just modifying the door now so that it'll be a proper push open/push close door! Superglue is out! If it works I'll let you know.
  7. Right, got mine open! damage!...used a handle of a teadspoon covered with a cloth. If you carefully push it in the middle at the top and then gently lever the panel eventually it'll pop open. There's a metal clip which is there to keep the panel permanently closed but since there are proper hinges and a catch then something like this I found on ebay would do the trick?. It's got measurements so need to work out if it will fit. Anybody else figure out a catch solution? Yes, the cubby hole is small but you can put quite a few things in there including mobiles etc. It's worth checking out in my opinion as there is a distinct lack of cubby holes!
  8. The car in the first pic is from Slovakia..would that be different to the UK version?. Am I going to damage anything if I force it open?
  9. can anybody tell me the easiest way to check the number of the BT mobule...where is it located and how do you get at it?
  10. we got 2 as well!..both Zetec S' in SIlver and one in Sea Grey