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  1. have you looked at the spark plugs? mine was missing badly.. like a tractor through all rev ranges.. some muppet pressure washed the plugs before i bought it and they were having a 1" deep bath lol! tested the HT leads?
  2. dent master! will be in yellow pages.. they are good.. if you dont get a complete cowboy.. but i'd say you'd be very very very very very unlikely to get a cowboy when nothing but perfect is good! 10-30 minutes work, charge about £45-£70 probably!
  3. right, this is something that has been bugging me for ages.. the fact that the only wide kit available is an RS kit for the focus... and i love the escort cosworth bodykit.. what i wanna know is has any one seen them adapted to fit or am i !Removed! into a 70mph wind with 200 hours of work in front of me.. what i'd like to do is keep my normal front wing shape.. but have it cossie style with it sitting off the body, and going along the sill and having the nice big fat !Removed! on it...! HELP!? i think if i put the time in i could do it easily.. its just doing it and it looking crap and out of charachter! any help appreciated... Jamo
  4. hi just make sure you get plastic primer and away you go.. is it textured plastic? or smooth? Key it, Prime it, spray it.. (Red Scoth Brite pad)->(Plastic Primer)->(Basecoat then lacquer) if you want a really good finish flat it with 2000 or above be careful not to take the lacquer off and then use some Farecla G3 and elbow grease! (other brands are available) :P Should be able to pick up everything from Halfords.. again other shops are available :)
  5. simple SMart repair.. or the old marker pen trick ;) haha!
  6. hi all i have decided to join after guesting for a few weeks.. i have an ST170.. used to be a panel beater/sprayer so could maybe help out there and i also know my way around an engine.. joined for seeing what people are doing with their ford's!