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  1. Hi I have been told the turbo on my 2001 Modeo Tddi has blown. I need to have it replaced and have been quoted arond 600-700 quid (is this about average) ? I cant afford this so need other options ! Any idea where the best place to get a replacement from? How much Should I be paying Also is it an easy job for DIY (with a technically minded mate) rather than the garage option! Many thanks for any advice fellas.
  2. Steering

    Hi I hope someone can help me. I have just Purchsed 2001 (Y Reg) Mondeo LD TD Di. 144k on the clock. Its had little use of the last few months and has no service record since 75K. (Dont worry I bought it cheap).. When the steering is moved slightly out of the neutral (wheels facing front) position it feels like its grinding slightly, and the steering is realitively stiff. There is also a slight knock from the front end (not from the engine) during transit. The girnding/bumpy feeling through the steering only seems to exist in the neutral position Is this a simple greasing issue or coulkd it be something a little more serious ? Plenty of steering fluid in her ! Many Thanks for any suggestions