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  1. upper radiator hose

    Does anyone know where I can get an upper radiator hose for my 2000 ford focus? I've looked everywhere but cant find any in the UK. I dont mind if it's second hand or reasonable condition. Are they easy to replace? Thanks
  2. creaking suspension?

    sorted it, something to do with the anti-rollbar mechanism.
  3. creaking suspension?

    Hi all, I was wandering if anyone could help me with my ford focus. I've got a 5door 2000 1.8zetec with 51000 miles on the clock. (right hand drive). It's had a full service last month, new brake pads at the front and brand new tyres. When i turn to the left (and sometimes to the right) my front suspension seem to creak quite badly. But the main problem is the noise from the back. when i go over a bump, there is this creaking /rattling noise like the rear suspension is being strained too much. It also sounds like it goes all the way up through the left back door. When i pull up onto the curb, it also happens. It feels /sounds like there suspension or anti-roll bar is being strained but i just dont know. Also, when i press my brake and release it, there is this sqeeky noise from the rear brakes. I;m thinking this could be the springs the return the break discs but dont want to pull it apart till i got some leads on that. Any help would be most appreciated as the noise is making me a mobile sideshow. Rich