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  1. alright mate what wheels have you got on ur fiesta in the pic?

  2. Tyres For Mk7 Zetec-S

    also had the T1R's on mine. wore out fast but the dry grip is really good.
  3. Supercharged 1.2 Fez

    thats so sad hahaha
  4. Stickerbombing !

    it's probably the most cost effective way to ruin a car. good luck :-)
  5. Caliper Painting

    Definitely Monster green mate. It would stand out for the right reasons.
  6. Mk7 Fiesta Suspension

  7. Most Reliable Car Ever!

    I got in a taxi in Cyprus (an old old merc) and the mileage was over 500,000. I know it could of had like 3 new engines but it might not have. that's reliable !
  8. Best Product ?

    yeah that's what i'm going for, cheers mate.
  9. Best Product ?

    never mind, just found the detailing guide.........
  10. Best Product ?

    Hey guys, just a quick question for all you detailing pro's out there. I recently bought some auto glym HD wax and I don't really know what is the best product to use to prepare the surface before applying the wax. any suggestions ? not looking to spend crazy money either. thanks in advance :-)
  11. De-Badging, Help!

    preferably fishing line, less chance of that snapping halfway through
  12. Mk 7 Zetec S Lowering

    when I bought my zetec USB bluetooth voice control and 6 speakers were standard plus the ambient lighting i'd say that's better. I don't want an argument jeeze...
  13. Chosing Rims For My Fiesta

    definitely black with a red lip. gloss black would be better but satin is OK I suppose.