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  1. Noisy Mondeo 2.0 Tdci

    Overfull could do serious damage, i would syphon some off.
  2. Starting Issue

    could be the immoblizer/ecu not reconising the key, if you have spare key, try it with that.
  3. glow light flashing

    egr can be cleaned with gunk, or carb cleaner, its a very messy job. ;)
  4. glow light flashing

    Hi, your car has gone into limp home mode, the flashing light is a code, that needs to be read, could be a number of things, injectors, turbo related, sensors etc, so best thing to have codes read first, hope this helps,mark.
  5. 2.0 to 2.5 V6. possible?

    yes, sure its possible, new engine from ford, £2000+, exhaust, ecu, plus other aux parts, so best bet is to buy one, as the cost, plus hassle, is just not practical, hope this helps.
  6. radio code

    Hi, code is 8618.
  7. Simple Problem with lights

    sounds like you have a bad earth connection, or a live to earth short, check the wiring, clean up earth contacts, test with multimeter, if you have one ;)
  8. Mileage resets itself

    did you also swop ecu? could be a sensor problem also.
  9. Electrical problems

    sounds like your battery, or alternators on its way out, i had same problem.
  10. newbie

    Hi to all, new to this site, will be full member soon, my name is mark, i live nr huntingdon, cambs, and currently have a 52 mondeo tdci, look forward to talking to you all. :)