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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply – I’ve been extremely busy with work lately. Thanks for the advice guys! Having had a little time on my hands over the weekend, I changed the air filter (very easy job, well compared to a 3 Series filter). I have bought a set of Bosch plugs and intend to change them. You guys were right about the plugs being tight on! Im a little worried about trying to loosen them incase I snap them.. Piggy – I’ve bought some Doublr TT Oil lube to try and loosen the plugs. I will try again next weekend, if there is no luck, I might just see about a mechanic to change plugs – would rather it be them that risk breaking it than me :s
  2. Hi all, Having just bought a little runner – 1998 Ford Ka 1.3 Petrol, I am planning to do some works and needed a bit of advice please. I would like to change: 1) Spark Plugs – Could you someone tell me how easy it is to access on the car and any pointers on replacing them. I don’t think the car has EVER had them changed as I cant see any indication in the service history... 2) Air filter – would be grateful if someone could tell where it is? Is it worth replacing OEM or going aftermarket? I have a BMW E46 330D and have been using an aftermarket Pippercross is washable : - ) – I know the KA is a different kettle of fish but just want to get your thoughts 3) Lastly, I would like to clean the MAF sensor as I am guessing it will be very dirty – where is it on the KA? Any photos or links to walkthroughs would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance