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  1. thanks catch, service prices are a rip-off i agree especially for what you get for £160. not to bad as i have a discount card for my local dealer that gives me a 10% discount. i am just a bit wary incase they call me up regarding replacing the brake fluid. don't think i will pay £55 to get it replaced if it is only a recomendation.
  2. my 09 focus zetec is due its 2nd service soon. i've been quoted £160 which is ok for a ford dealer i suppose. i have read the brake fluid should be changed every 2 years. is this correct? is this included in the price or is it extra. is it recomended to change the brake fluid or should i just leave it?. if it is extra can i decide not to have it replaced without affecting the warranty? lots of questions, sorry!!!!!!!! any help appreciated
  3. thanks Matt, i took the car in to my local dealer. they replaced the door latch, it seems ok for now. it was down to -10 the other night and the lock was ok then. just hope that this has solved the problem
  4. hi, same problem today again. when i do get the door to shut, the computer still tells me the drivers door is open!!!!!!!! when i parked up the interior light was staying on. i was also getting a warning when driving saying the door was open. do you reckon it is still a latch problem guys?
  5. thanks guys. the car is under warranty but the garage said last week they couldn't do much as it was down to the cold weather. surely ford must sell cars in colder countries than the uk. i will book it in and they can have a look at it.
  6. i drive an 09 focus zetec. i've only had the car 2 months and recently in the cold weather i can open the car door but it won't shut again. the door just bounces open again. when the temperature rises or if i pour some water on the door it seems to release the mechanism and the door shuts again. is this a common fault with ford locks or should i book my car in to have the locks checked. i haven't owned a ford for years and i haven't had this problem with any other make of car i have driven recently. is the lock mechanism insulated?
  7. would anyone be interested in swapping a space saver for a steel wheel. it would have to be brand new as my steel is. i would give you the polystyrene infills as well. i live in central scotland
  8. hi guys, how easy are mud flaps to fit to my focus. is there anything i need to be wary of before fitting them? i am thinking of buying lockwood sill protectors. has anyone used them? they are cheaper than ford ones considerably thats why i am looking at them or does anyone recomend any other type.
  9. hi all, newbie here from scotland. just got an 09 focus zetec 1.6. hope to speak to everyone soon and get some info from users