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  1. Looking at getting a set for £100 from EBAY Any idea what a local garage would charge to fit these?...how long would it take? Are these plug and play or does anything else need to be bought?...I saw a post previously where someone on this forum had these little bolts also to correct camber?...are these necessary?...the car is running standard 16" alloys. Is it advisable to get tracking/alignment checked after dropping the car by 30mm with these?
  2. When I go over a bump the front end of my car sounds like a bag of spanners. Just had a major service at Halfords and nothing was picked up, not sure if they even test drive it. Are they all like that Sir?...or could there be something loose? How noisy is yours when you go over a speed bump etc? Car has done 77K and is standard 2.0tdci Ghia as far as I know
  3. Mmmm I'll have another poke around tomorrow when its light. Got so fed up of the wet thick heavy sound proofing I have cut it mostly out as well as half of the poor quality carpet. This is meant to be a cheap interim run around car as my A6 got written off by a Muslim asleep at the wheel due to fasting for Ramadan so I don't mind hacking it up a bit. Actually quite impressed with the torque from the 2.0tdci engine, have plans to lower it a tad and get a remap with EGR delete as work is a 100 mile round journey, getting 43mpg without driving like Miss Daisy.
  4. Cheers Russ...I can see this one?...is there another?....think i did see a drip of water come out while i was photographing it actually!...I guess over time it could have built up, the soundproofing foam is quite soaked.
  5. Noticed an area of wetness on the drivers front floor area only. Checked coolant level and it was fine so am guessing its a blocked A/C outlet tube. But running the A/C still produces the usual dripping under the car so guess that's OK. This is drivers side only nowhere else. Any ideas? Thanks for any advice.
  6. When car is stationary I hear a drone when turning the steering wheel. Had a look at what I'm guessing is the power steering bottle and couldn't see any fluid moving around. But what a crazy location!...how do you access it to top it up? Ah forget that, that pic is of the Brake/clutch fluid reservoir. So where can you monitor the level on a 55 plate Focus?....the handbook says "no fluid level checks necessary" for 1.8/2.0 l Duratec-HE, 2.5 l Duratec-ST and Turbo diesel engines" How does that work?
  7. Focus MK2 2006 2.0tdci Ghia. Regular 16" wheels non lowered.
  8. MAF Warning Light P0101

    In the end took the car back to Halfords along the lines of "seems a bit coincidental the light came on after you serviced it"...etc... They offered a free diagnostic check....only to discover the MAF had "worked loose"....maybe because I had had the engine area detailed they suggested? I just laughed and drove off.
  9. Car just had a 'major' service at Halfords, I mentioned I could hear a rubbing plasticky type noise coming from the off side wheel arch area when turning sometimes. Just sounds like the wheel is rubbing against something on the inner side. Not really a wheel bearing mechanical grinding noise. Have had a look under and can't really see anything amiss. Anyone any ideas? or had anything similar?
  10. MAF Warning Light P0101

    Just bought a 2006 2.0tdci Focus, took it to Halfords autocentre for a major service+cambelt change, got it home to find an engine warning light suddenly on. Ran a diagnostic check with my £5.99 OBD11 scanner to get a P0101 $07E8 Mass or Volume Air Flow A Cicuit Range/Performance message Could this have been caused by anything they did?..maybe something not properly connected Car runs fine.
  11. When I use the remote to lock my Focus 2006 the doors lock but there are no confirmation indicators flashing or cheep cheep noise and I get paranoid if the car is locked or not! Can I set the remote to produce a visual or auditory confirmation of operation?
  12. Price sounds about right to me as long as there's nothing wrong with it. I got a 06 plate 1.8 tdci focus ghia this week also with 92k, one owner from new full ford service history 12 months tax and mot. The car is mint and feels tight for £5650. Looking around it seemed about right, probably could have got it cheaper at auction but it has 3 months warranty and Im chuffed with it.