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  1. Ford Focus Water Leak

    Hi, I have this problem too, a puddle in the passenger footwell. I havent had chance to look at it yet, but i did see water dripping then start to run for a second (while i got in) from just to the left of the CD player. I have been reading comments here, so will have a look asap.
  2. Tow Bar Fitting to 1.8 Estate (2001)

    Hi, I have a (roughly) bit bigger than 8' x 5' trailer, the most my focus has pulled at the moment is about half a tonne of sand, and to be honest i didnt really notice i was hauling it, except when going down hills or breaking. There was one big up hill, which leads into a stop at the top, and the car drove fine. I know not everyone would want to haul with a focus, but my location forces me too, buying a 4x4 pickup is an option, but, i'd need to have a 4 door or a 2nd car... Anyway hope this helps Brendan
  3. Tow Bar Fitting to 1.8 Estate (2001)

    Done, was pretty easy, was considering taking the car to a mate, but after examining the wires, i soon worked out what was what.
  4. Hi, Firstly Hello, this is my first post, just got a 51 plate Ford Focus 5 door estate in black, never drove a focus before, and wow it drives so well Anyway i Just Fitted a towbar, i didnt get time to finish the wiring today, i was just wondering if anyone had a copy of the wiring diagram to assist me. Thanks Brendan