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  1. Hi hope you can help, I have the same Ka you had/have, Mine is a 2007 model 40000miles and have discovered a soaking wet foot well, how much did it cost to get the work done with Ford?  Thanks.

  2. I have been having some trouble with my Ka's A/C illumination LED which has been acting strange for about a year which is when the light stopped working altogether. Since having the A/C regassed I have been using it a lot more, once or twice a week or more, and the bulb decided to start working again! However the light only works when other lights are not turned on. When I turn on the sidelights or headlights, the A/C light goes off but the A/C stays on. Does anyone know what could cause this type of fault?
  3. mud flaps nothing to do with an MOT, look on the road you'll soon notice dozens of cars with mud flaps missing, hanging off, etc.
  4. Ford customer relations is just a big call centre, sending a letter there won't really get you anywhere. I handled all my complaints/problems over the phone. As long as you get the name of the person you're talking to, and a case number, you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
  5. It did, but they soon changed it on the later models, wonder why.
  6. I've seen this on many cars and simply assumed it was normal.
  7. Get your dealer to fix it, its only a 59 reg! They should do it as a goodwill gesture for you.
  8. yes it does, should be there. vastly inaccurate when i had a ka as a courtesy car, read 99 mpg at one point!
  9. you were almost there - but my ka is a mk1, built in valencia spain, and its had enough problems for an '08 reg which is what prompted me to suggest the spanish plant isnt so clever.
  10. build quality is probably worse on the valencia, spain built ones rather than the ones built in germany - can anyone back this up with some sort of evidence?
  11. NGK plugs work well in the Duratec, I'm told.
  12. It is concerning that the problem lies at the factory in regards to the quality of the welding (or rather, lack of it). Seeing as the spot welds are done robotically, how could Ford possibly get this wrong? This is going to cost Ford a lot in warranty repair work.
  13. doubtful, the car runs perfectly
  14. carpet was replaced for free under warranty when my ka had a leak
  15. nothing wrong with the mk6 fiesta, learnt to drive in one of those and almost bought one brand new.