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  1. Tow Bar Fitting to 1.8 Estate (2001)

    Hi i've got one no my TDCI estate, are they any good as a tow car, seems to be a bit lacking in low down grunt for towing to me?
  2. Strange Noises from my 2002 TDCI

    :( I've two noises in my 2002 TDCI estate I just cant stop and wonder if anyone on here has any suggestions. First one is a loud tinny rattle which i beleive is from behind the drivers side dash or centre columb which occurs at 800-1200 rpm, very anoying on a diesel. 2nd one is of more concern, when I reverse, stop switch to first then pull away at full lock (for example when I reverse out of a parking space) a moment or two after moving I'm getting a loud knock that I can feel in the cabin, which comes from with the left or centre of the car. I've been to two garages and had the suspension checked, and they cant find any excessive play in any of the visible bushes. Anyone got any suggestions as to what that may be? Thanks in advance for all your help. Martin