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  1. Hi here in ireland for a good sierra with its paper work any were between 500 and 1200 euro but automatic ones are definatly not in demand if you want descent money for it you best fitting a manual box to it! If you are converting it to a 24v its more fun to fit a manual to the car (type 9 5 speed or mt 75) and isnt a difficult converstion to carry out other than the gearbox you need the pedals and clutch cable most people use the mt 75 over the type 9 as its a stronger box but to use this you need a 2wd box and the bell housing of a 4wd XR4x4 box and the flywheel/clutch from an xr4x4 v6 model. the wiring is were it gets tricky best to ask a profesional about that. regarding the cosworth front hubs and discs id say the would fit but i never carried out conversion.
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