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  1. brakes

    What I'm thinking is when you press the pedal lightly there is a vibration and then when more pressure is executed onto the disc the vibration is lost but I could be way off the park.I've serviced all my brakes and never had a squeak,ever,maybe I've been lucky.
  2. brakes

    Hi,reading the posts,one thing that hasn't been mentioned from what I can see is the caliper piston.Is the piston running smoothly and no lateral play?Maybe some time should be taken to have a closer inspection?Just a thought buddy.
  3. Very Poor on Fuel

    After changing my 15 inch rims to 17's,miles per gallon has plummeted from a respectable 51 to a poor 40.
  4. Turbo failed

    All I know is everything has to be scrupulously clean.I think you will have to take the sump off and give that a good going over.Leave nothing to chance.
  5. Turbo failed

    Sorry to hear your turbo failed,mine went a couple of years ago.Personally I would of taken it to a good local independent garage.I had a OEM turbo fitted and cost me £1150.I'm sure if cost is an issue it could be done a lot cheaper but I'm happy the car now runs sweet.
  6. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    I have 17 inch ST 170 wheels on mine and they perform well.The steering is slightly stiffer but then I fitted new trackrod ends as well.
  7. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    Basic question I know but are the tyres pumped up to the correct pressures?
  8. Which is the best petrol

    I'm with you isetta.i only ever use Sainsbury's diesel and my car never misses a beat and pulls like a train.
  9. Engine under tray

    There is a thin layer of insulation on the undertray of the MK1.5.Although undertrays can be a pain I wouldn't be without one, giving protection to sensors amongst other things.
  10. Focus Mk3 boot leak

    Usually the light cluster or air vent.I've a mk1 so I expect someone with a mk3 will have a better idea.
  11. Sorry keys again

    So after looking in my Ford owners guide which I should of done in the first place ( forgot all about it) and a schoolboy error,it seems I need to buy an additional appropriate blank key programmed so that I have two unique identification codes to program up to four keys to my car in total.Thanks for all your feedback 😀
  12. Sorry keys again

    Yes buddy,that's for PATS 11 😊
  13. Sorry keys again

    Ok Bud cheers for that 🙄
  14. Sorry keys again

    Yeah,ok Del but I want to sort out a master key so I can program myself 🤓
  15. Sorry keys again

    Hello everybody,so I own a mk1 with PATS 1 and unfortunately only 1 key with transponder and remote.I understand to program a 2nd key I need the red solid master key that has been mislaid somewhere🤡.Do I take my car to Ford and get hammered or is an auto locksmith able to provide me with a synchronised master key.Thankyou.