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  1. Why not go to your local Ford parts department for the correct colour.
  2. Ok buddy,my power steering makes a whirring noise if my car is stationary or traveling slow and on manoeuvres,so I reckon it is normal.
  3. Yeah looking at the link I can see where the ball joint description comes into play,lol.
  4. That's the rear Anti-roll bar link buddy.
  5. No that is the rear upper suspension arm.
  6. Yeah I appreciate that buddy,you really do have to nail them down to what they mean if you don't understand the description on work sheets.It's happened to me many times,lol.
  7. I don't know buddy,I'm just offering my understanding of what a tie bar is,for what it's worth,lol.
  8. The tie bar is fixed with a bush and bolts on the underside of the wheel arch.Correct me Stef if I'm wrong.
  9. As far as I'm aware the tie bar is part of the hub carrier.
  10. Just about to say the same,you beat me to it Stef.Balljoint at the rear?
  11. Yeah,well it's the best deal I've had on oil,it was a click and collect,I thought I would share the love,thanks for your opinion.
  12. Hi everyone,I think there is a good deal on when buying multi containers of oil during June and also a further 10% discount at Fordpartsuk.Just bought 10 litres of 5w30 fully synthetic oil plus a filter for £42.73.What do you think?
  13. Yeah,as said wait for a cold engine and you'll be surprised what a long lever can achieve,gently.
  14. Good morning.What tool are you using?For me it's all about fitting a suitable socket,extension,a long lever and gently does it,rather than anything that you twist with your wrist.
  15. Ah ok buddy,I've got a mk1 and are at the bottom,I assumed yours were the same but looking at the original post yours are at the top so I think others will know how to sort this problem out,sorry.