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  1. Focus Mk3 boot leak

    Again possible places to look for water ingress.
  2. Focus Mk3 boot leak

    Yes there could be potentially water ingress at those air vents.If so pop them out and silicon around👍
  3. Replacement key cost??

    I took one of the more expensive options because I wanted a Ford key 😀 then I took the blank key with remote to a local key cutter and programmer,cost around £200.I know it can be done for a lot cheaper.
  4. Replacement key cost??

    If the procedure is the same as my mk1 you will need two keys with two unique codes to program more keys to the PATS.The process of configuration is described in your owners handbook.
  5. Rear Shocks

    As above,go to your Ford dealer.Could be a loose anti roll bar.
  6. How low can you go?

    I do journeys of around thirty plus miles and very few short ones that’s why I have a diesel.I will monitor this now,the battery is about four years old.I have a heavy duty jumperstarter in the back👍.
  7. How low can you go?

    My car has been standing for three days so I decided to check the battery voltage.I was surprised it started at 11.93v no problem 😯.Is this as low as the voltage will go before not starting?
  8. Focus Mk2.5 Front bushes / Tyre wear

    I’ve had poly bushes for 4 years,passed MOT last week,no advisory’s
  9. Focus Mk2.5 Front bushes / Tyre wear

    Fitting poly bushes will impact on your ride comfort.
  10. Focus Mk2.5 Front bushes / Tyre wear

    I went to a local engineers workshop and had the old OEM bushes removed and had new bushes pressed in 👍 .
  11. brakes

    What I'm thinking is when you press the pedal lightly there is a vibration and then when more pressure is executed onto the disc the vibration is lost but I could be way off the park.I've serviced all my brakes and never had a squeak,ever,maybe I've been lucky.
  12. brakes

    Hi,reading the posts,one thing that hasn't been mentioned from what I can see is the caliper piston.Is the piston running smoothly and no lateral play?Maybe some time should be taken to have a closer inspection?Just a thought buddy.
  13. Very Poor on Fuel

    After changing my 15 inch rims to 17's,miles per gallon has plummeted from a respectable 51 to a poor 40.
  14. Turbo failed

    All I know is everything has to be scrupulously clean.I think you will have to take the sump off and give that a good going over.Leave nothing to chance.
  15. Turbo failed

    Sorry to hear your turbo failed,mine went a couple of years ago.Personally I would of taken it to a good local independent garage.I had a OEM turbo fitted and cost me £1150.I'm sure if cost is an issue it could be done a lot cheaper but I'm happy the car now runs sweet.