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  1. C- Max MPG

    Hi, I've got a '55 plate 1.6 petrol, and its terrible for consumption. My wife drives it mostly (she does have a heavy right foot) and does a lot of local runs. She averages 29 - 32 MPG. I had to disconnect my battery overnight last night, and I've just noticed I got 36 MPG on the way to work this morning !! WTF ?!
  2. CMAX Wet fuse box - electrics going mad!!

    Hi, I went through a large puddle on Sunday, and yesterday my CMAX started going mad! WITHOUT the keys in the ignition, the wipers started going, the alarm, the wiper relay clicking in and out like mad! I disconnected the wiper fuse, this stopped the wipers going, but the relay was still clicking in and out. I removed the wiper relay, and most other things started coming on then (engine mgt system, alarm, indicators!) I then noticed when I removed the cover to the fuse box under the bonnett, it was wet inside. The lid and tops of the fuses and relays were covered in moisture. I disconnected the battery over night, left the lid off of the fuse box. This morning, it looks a lot drier, and the car seems to be working fine. Basically - has anyone else had this issue? Am I safe with what I have done? (CMAX 1.6 Zetec - Nov 05 - '55 plate - NON Automatic wipers)