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  1. Hi there. Snap! First post and new member here too! I've just joined today to get some info on the very same car. I bought the 2.0 TDCi (130) Auto Estate on an 05 plate two days ago. I find it pretty good but went round to see someone who runs a garage just now. To my dismay he informed me about a situation which he says is not uncommon to TDCis. Apparantely, and I'm not technical, this model has a dual mass flywheel. This produces an excessive amount of dust which fouls the starter motor. The starter motor then needs replacing (£500 ish) and the flywheel needs changing (£1800 ish!!!) The reason I joined is to see what others have to say about this and hope that it is an isolated incident. This chap thinks it isn't and occurs to Transits also. But I hope that it is all not doom and gloom James, and I hope to have a happy time with my new wheels! The version I have has 225 tyres and the ride is a bit firm.