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  1. tbh i like the fiesta and would wanna keep going with it.
  2. ive already done a few things to the engine but cant afford to go the whole pumaspeed conversion just yet lol. got an induction kit, new plugs, new cams and exhaust but thts all. ivew gone for sound system and looks for now. will do the pumaspeed when i can afford it and the insurance update tho
  3. thats great. thanks a lot for the help
  4. thanks for that man. appreciate it.
  5. it does look like it could be so ur probs right. ill try and find someone whos done the same or similar
  6. I have a Fiesta Mk4 Zetec and want to put a Zetec S body kit from a Mk 5 on and wondered if it will fit without major re-building? can anyone help?