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  1. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I have owned a black ZS since April 2010 when it was 5 months old. I have cleaned it regularly with wash mitts, BTBM shampoo and dried with 14D Uber towels. It looks good when its done but I probably need to get a bit more serious with it. Should I 'clay' it and if I do how long would this take and then what do I do? Alternatively could I forget the 'clay' and just use Red Mist. If the latter is an option what would be best type of microfibre to use. Think I need new drying towels any suggestions and what should I do with alloys, tyres and windows. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi. I used to put my mountain bike in the back of my Focus, with the seats folded right forward. Less space in the Fiesta so probably need to get a rack or indeed the roof bars. Anyone tried either of these options? How well did they work. Many thanks.
  3. Leather interior Zetec S

    Think black leather would have been better but not red stiching. My 08 Focus in Ocean has black leather with grey (ish) stiching. Seats look well smart and I think I have seen pictures of similar seats in Titanium Fiestas. Jonny I understand that it's not a bad hair day but have you taken your medication!
  4. Titanium vs Zetec S (driver ages)

    Will still be 43 when I get my Zetec S if all goes to plan.
  5. Interior mats

    Hi. Can anyone suggest where to get a set of mats for my forthcoming ZS? Should I just get the proper Ford ones, or are there any decent alternatives. Pictures in situ would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Have a Black ZS lined up for next April. (currently being 'leased' from Ford by my sister in law). When she ordered it I had some input and opted for the 'Leather Pack' amongst others. The car has just been delivered to her and I have been to see it. The leather seats are a slate grey colour with red stiching. Not quite what I was expecting. Does anyone else have these and if so what is this colour/combination actually called. Many thanks for any assitance.
  7. Hi There

    Hi guys. At the mo driving an 08 Focus Titanium 2.0 TDCi with X pack and sport pack. In five months time will be getting a 59 Fiesta Zetec S petrol in black with all the trimmings. I am lucky as my brother works for Fords and him and his wife 'lease' brand new cars for 5 months or so then reorder. I can buy the 'old' car at a big discount rather than them return it to Fords. Have bought my last two Focus this way and this time the sister in law wanted a Fiesta so I suggested a ZS and she was more than happy and I also asked for some add ons. Hope this makes sense. Looking forward to getting my Fiesta but a fair while yet!