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  1. Black Parking Sensors :(

    adzmcp So you reckon I could get them painted somehwere I would just be weary incase they never worked Cheers Fraser
  2. Black Parking Sensors :(

    Dave Thanks for getting back to me :) I got the car in March The sensors are just exposed black plastic, they were a factory fitted option costing £350 !!! However, I got the car at Arnold Clark Ford and I took the car to a normal Ford dealer and they told me they werent factory fitted but they were. You think they would work if I primed the plastic then got a small tub of Frozen White out of Halfords ? Cheers Fraser
  3. Black Parking Sensors :(

    Hey All Brand new member, I have a new zetec s in white with rear parking sensors. However the actual sensors themselves are black and it takes away from the look of the car. I am weary of painting them incase they stop working. I have seen White Focus' & Mondeo's driving about with white sensors as apposed to black ones so I must be able to get them somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get white ones or get them whitenend ???? I cant get the pictures of the car uploaded as the file is too big or else i would show you how bad it looks HELP PLEASE Thanks in advance Fraser