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  1. warning BUZZZZZZZ

    I have got the buzzing working now I cleaned the switch that gos in and out as the door shuts but still the Map light don't work on courtesy any ideas
  2. warning BUZZZZZZZ

    I have a problem when I open the door the BUZZ noise don't go on to tell me I have the headlights on!!!! And also the top MAP light don't work! It should be on when the door is closed and off when the door opens? (or is it the other way round) I checked the fuses and they seem OK could any one help thanks. FORD FIESTA ENCORE 1997 1.3 5Door Is that an MK4???
  3. Over revving when I stop

    It last for 3secs
  4. Over revving when I stop

    It sound like some thing spinning when I drive and when the brakes go on and cluch down some thing spins out and makes the load rev sound and then dies back down
  5. Over revving when I stop

    I MEAN ITS 1997
  6. When I am driving it feels like the car is trying to push me fast at times up the worse thing is! Is when I come to a stop and I put my foot down on the cluch I hear the engan making a loud Reving sound then dies back down its wose on G1 could any one help thanks Fiesta 2007 encore :(