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  1. Comunity police officers,

    Where was you nico lad?
  2. HELP!! Again!

    Yeap.. Wheels were on full lock.. its just the way the calipers are... Theres not much room to fit a wrench in... Anyway.. managed to get the bolt out by hammering on a 12mm and then a shiteee load of man power haha
  3. HELP!! Again!

    Got dot on the drive jacked up trying to replace the brake pads... but there are two bolts holding the caliper onto the car... the top bolt has come undone but the bottom one will not move... it has been slightly rounded off so a 13mm will no longer go on without slipping.. Have tried using a half inch... no luck and then using a 12mm but that still didnt work... Theres no room to fit any type of pliers of what have you in there so what can we do?!
  4. MK4 Engine problems... HELP

    LMAO no hahahahah My car shouldnt move by my glove box! have to kick it shut! haha Off topic... but i cheesebox'd my air filter today.. and it sounds MINT! haha
  5. MK4 Engine problems... HELP

    Wait... You mean to say they dont! Damn those Halfrauds people :(
  6. MK4 Engine problems... HELP

    Hahaha.. Usually halfords charge way more compared to local independant stores near me or anywhere else... Halfrauds ;)
  7. Members Rides

    You car's poo :P No way as good as mine... and you know it ;) haha
  8. MK4 Engine problems... HELP

    Just need to sort out my insurance payment for this month (£211... I know) and then buy a new coil.. There £40 from a local shop near me
  9. MK4 Engine problems... HELP

    When replacing the old plugs... (Which did seem fairly new) They were weak... Just very faintly had a brown tint.. but still looked white..
  10. Passed my test a few weeks back... Been driving my MK4 fiesta S reg and it had a slight mis-fire underload.. So changed the spark plugs.. and it stopped... but then it returned again after doing a few miles. so i tried to live with it.. but then it started to mis-fire properly.. at all times just running on 3 cylinders.. So i drove halfrauds and got some new leads.. Fitted them and all was fine.. until it started to mis-fire slightly under load.. Car is quite jumpy in the 2000-4000 revs in gears 2-3 mostly.. Tried checking the MAF sensor but it doesnt even have one haha So... Is there anything you recommend i dowhich will fix the problem, Except change the coil pack which im planning on doing once i get paid..?