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  1. Hi steve is there any news on the Halfords Cards can you still used the old one 

  2. thank you
  3. Hi has anyone got the part number for the locating rubber grommet in the top of the rear spring
  4. Hello I am after the wire loom for the Fiesta MK7.5 ST2 Rear Tail Light has anyone got the part number thank you
  5. Has anyone got the part number for this or got one for sale Ford Fiesta MK 7.5 Battery Positive Terminal Cover Lid
  6. From the album My Fiesta ST2

  7. welcome :D
  8. theres someone in the for sale section on the www.fiestaownerclub.com offering to do them, best be quick though as it's the last time he's gonna do them.
  9. yes it`s a pain that you have to buy a full tin of paint and primer for a small job thats why i wanted to buy them already colour coded
  10. iNath Yes I see them on eBay but the same as you. I can not find them now it’s allways that way when you need them you can not find
  11. Thank you for your reply’s
  12. Im trying to locate some front washer jets for my fiesta zetecs painted in vison blue can you help thank you
  13. hello there and welcome
  14. my fiesta zetec s is coming up to the third year service wondering what the going rate is for this service and what you get for it