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  1. iPhone 3gs Bluetooth & USB issue?

    Thanks Keith, i never thought about using a USB stick. Think i'll try it out.
  2. iPhone 3gs Bluetooth & USB issue?

    I've just bought a Focus 1.6 Titanium with the Communications Pack. When i plug my Ipod Touch in through the USB, i'm able to navigate thorugh my music no problem but when i play anything there is no sound. I've made sure the volume is up on the Ipod but there is a 'mute' symbol that appears on the radio screen. Can anyone help with this?
  3. I've just bought a Focus 1.6 TDCi titanium with the Communications pack. I know you can sync an Iphone or Ipod to listen to music through the radio. Unfortunately i have a Sony Ericsson C905. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to listen to the music off my phone through the radio?