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  1. Fiesta Mk4 Seats To Mk5

    Hi I got a mk4 fiesta and had mk5 zetec s seats give to me, I've put them in and put mine in bin now and the air bag light is on I've been looking around to find out how to do it but on most of them they saying I needed the old wires or something, I got the bit on the end off the old seats but don't know what wires to cut and join to put the block on end of new seats to fit my wire in car Please help
  2. Car Keep Cutting Out When I Push Brake

    car cuts out on low revs
  3. Hi please help I have a R reg ford fiesta with a 1.25 zetec s engine and I have recently changed it to a 1.4 zetec s and now and again the brake will go hard and wont stop me but when I push it the car cuts out and got to start it back up again, this have happened twice before and after messing around with bits and jumping on the brake pedal it start working again but it happened again last night on me I can't get it to work again I've tried everything that I use to do to make it work. I've asked around and people have said clean the idle air control which I have done. someone said it might have something to do with my ECU which I didn't change when I fitted new engine. thanks Scott
  4. Engine Change

    Hey all can anyone help I've blown my engine up in mk4 fiesta I had a 1.25 zetec s and I can get hold of a 1.4 zetec just won't to know if it will fit I'm my car mine is a R reg and so is the other engine thanks
  5. Need Help With Engine

    The clutch is new only been in for couple months could it be need oil in the gearbox
  6. Need Help With Engine

    Hey all I got a fiesta mk4 1.25 zetec s I had I about 5 years now and last night when I was driving in it it started making a noise from the engine in 1st all the way up to 4th when I'm on 5th it's okay it don't make a noise and its only some times it do it as well which is really annoying. It when I go over about 2000 rev in them gears I said it was making a noise in it sounds like nails are in the engine or like if something is lose I had a look but couldn't find anything anybody got any clues or something thanks