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  1. Cheers, you're a star.
  2. ;) If I clean them on the inside, will it stop the name re-appearing when it re-mists? Better off not letting anyone in my car in future I think.
  3. Ta mate but what I'm wondering is if someone has written a name on the window, how is it possible to make sure the names don't come up when the windows re-mist?
  4. When someone writes on your car windows and you rub it out, how long does it take for the window to be properly clear again when it re-mists up? Cheers, had a few problems with the misting in my last car so now with a new car just wondering. Ta.
  5. Alright guys, I've just bought a MK7 Zetec in panther black. My last car was a clio which I usually took to the car wash but I don't want to take this to the car wash but I haven't really got any cleaning products specifically for a car so having seen a few of you discuss what you use to save me trawling again has anyone got any ideas as to what I should buy from scratch to keep it in top, shiny nick? Cheers
  6. Trim and water leaks are only covered first year with the mechanical components covered for the three I think. Apparently there was a little problem when the cars first came out with water ingress getting in through the tailgate sealer where the hinges join onto the bodywork. Have someone take a look there, no guarantees but it's worth looking at.
  7. Just to check guys, this is just the 1.6 engine and not the 1.4 yeah? Thanks