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  1. MK 4 Fiesta Front end

    Hey guys.. i went into the back of a bmw on monday.. and i am needing some new parts for my car.. any ideas of were i can get a cross member.. bonet radiator and all new headlight mounts?? only the o/s is damaged but untill i strip it down on friday i dont know wat else i need any info will be helpfull.. thanks
  2. radio/cassette to cd/radio change

    You might need a radio code.. but apart from that i think everythin is all the same.. need 2 double check as im not 100% sure!
  3. brake lights

    Its ok no problem.. glad you got the problem fixed.
  4. Mk 4 Ford Fiesta

    Yeah lowering and wheels sound good.. any ideas were i can get good decent springs and shocks from?? I was thinkin of puttin white wheels on my car.. as it is a dark blue colour.. i was lookin at speed line comp 2 on them. my mate had them on his saxo and allways fancied them!! any ideas on wat wheels would look nice?? any websites would be appreciated.. thanks
  5. brake lights

    could be a brake switch problem.. usually you can find them behind the brake pedal.. usually they get stuck on.. not 2 bad 2 replace
  6. Mk 4 Ford Fiesta

    Im looking just for cosmetic for now!! i will think about engine conversions and upgrades for engines at a later date.
  7. Mk 4 Ford Fiesta

    hi ive recently bought a mk 4 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. Its a 4 door any ideas on wat cheap and easy mods i can do to it, to make it look better as it is a 4 door.. thanks
  8. Will 17" Alloys Fit My MK4 FIesta Without Rubbing????

    I had 17" wolfrace on my mk4... they didnt rub wen i was going from lock to lock... they did rub on the back arches when i had people in the car.. it also slightly damaged the tyres and bit of rubber started 2 peel off...