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  1. gear selection issue

    i have a 98 verona 1.8 manual. there is a slight problem when engaging first gear sometimes a bit stiff to engage??? there are no noises and it always goes in after a few attempts. i see from looking through the search facilty it is likey to be the linkage?? is it a diffucult job to check alignment without the ford tool mentioned in haynes manual or is it best to get the tool?? paul cheers for looking
  2. is there someone in me boot?

    hi thanks for the reply mate, i will check condition tommorow. i was looking today before i read your post and noticed the tie bar bushes looked worn!! would this cause simlar knocking symptomns?? cheers paul
  3. is there someone in me boot?

    hi all cool and helpful site. i have just bought a 1996 p reg mondeo verona 1.8 simple question to start with if anyone could help? theres a knocking noise from rear suspension/boot area on bumpy roads, i believe this is caused by worn bushes somewhere? which ones are the ones i need to replace and is it an job i can do without specialist tools? cheers in advance paul