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  1. Car Steaming Up Badly

    Have been told by Ford it could possibly be the seal causing the problem.... and it will be £50 plus VAT for the privilege of them to investigate plus the cost of fixing as it is 2 years old!!! How kind of them! I have emailed Ford Customer Relations with my customer number from the problem I had this time last year so maybe they will be more helpful and say I can have it done for free! Haha, hmmm, don't hold out much luck! I really don't see why cars come with a 3 year warranty as nothing is ever covered past the first 12 months. I have had so many problems with this car, I am beginning to hate Ford which is a shame as I love my car minus the problems! Grrrrr!
  2. Car Steaming Up Badly

    I have tried driving with the air con on. Windows open. It clears when I am using the car although it takes ages for the moisture to dry off the inside of the windscreen. It is when I am not in the car that it is steaming up - mainly the windscreen. Saying that, the past 2 days, it has been completely clear inside! Good question, where is the pollen filter! I wouldn't have a clue where to find it - yes, I'm a girl! haha. Could it be something like that to cause the problem? Plus, any ideas what will stick the rubber seal to my door? I tried extra strong double sided sticky tape but it only held in place for a couple of days - thought this may be a cause but don't know! Thanks!
  3. Car Steaming Up Badly

    Hi Guys Every time I use my car lately (over the last month or two) my car windscreen has been steaming up very badly. From arriving at work at 9am to going home at 5.30, the windscreen is so steamed up, it takes ages to clear and it is so wet that wiping it makes it worse. Now in the cold weather, it is freezing inside and today the inside of the windscreen plus the rear window were frozen then as it melted with the heated screens, it was running down the windows This time last year I discovered my carpet in the drivers side (front and rear) were soaking wet. I had this checked and it was a missing seal on the A-frame. This was fixed in January. Since then, the rubber door seal on my drivers door has not been stuck properly where it bends round, and I am wondering if this is causing cold air in the then make it mist up? I have checked all my carpets, and they are all dry. I have checked in the boot and that is dry. No sign of wetness anywhere! When I had my leak last time, Ford said if it wasn't a fault causing the leak in my car, it would be something stupid like £50 just for them to check it plus the cost to fix it if they found anything. My car was 3 weeks over the first 12 months of it's warranty - but in the end, it was paid for by Ford as it was a manufacturing fault. I am worried if I take it to them again (they are not the nicest or friendliest staff there, and yes I have complained!) that it will cost me for them to look and say everything is fine. It seems that nothing ever seems to be covered after the 1st 12 months of warranty (what is the point of a 3 year one!) so I can guarantee I would have to pay for them just to look. To me, it isn't right that a car that is 26 months old is that steamed up and frozen on the inside! My mum has a ford c-max of the same age (58 plate) and hers inside is perfectly clear on the windows! Please, can someone give me advice. Thank you!
  4. Squeaaky Gear Stick!

    Over the past few weeks, my 58 plate Titatnium Fiesta has developed a squeaky gear stick! Ok, so it isn't a major problem, but it is damn annoying! It only happens when I change down gears, for example, 3rd to 2nd, 5th to 4th. Any ideas of what I can do to get rid of the annoying noise would be gratefully received! Thanks :)
  5. Front And Rear Foot Well Soaked!

    Hi I had a leak in my 58 Titanium. I got 5 pints of water out of the driver and passenger footwell alone. Turned out to be a seal that had been missed off during production on the A frame. I was told it should have one inside and outside and mine had one missing so had been collecting water for the first year. Hopefully you will have sorted it now though! :)
  6. Wet footwells?

    I have a 58 plate fiesta that has today gone in to the dealership to have a leak fixed - and the carpet and underlay stuff taken out and fully dried. I found my drivers side front and rear footwells to be soaking wet and I got 4 pints of water out of the carpet alone, the mats were dripping and the underlay stuff I could feel was still soaking. And the interior steaming up really badly! Having had Ford take a look at it, it turns out to be a manufacturing fault where a seal was missed off of the A frame (or A pillar, can't remember which they said and don't know where it is!) Basically, they said there should be one on the inside and outside - but mine has one missing - so it has been collecting water since I had it from new in October 08! This may be something to consider, and if your car is over a year old, Contact Ford Customer Service, or get your dealer to, and get a case number set up. They will tell you water ingress is not covered on cars over 1 year old but if it is a manufacturing fault, Ford should pay as a goodwill gesture. Good Luck!
  7. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    That's interesting to hear Jon. Sounds like the same as my problem! The lady who phoned me said it was to do with an 'A' something, I thought she said frame, but could have been pillar! How strange that your's is the same reg as mine, and a titanium and we have had matching problems! Glad yours is sorted now though. I am awaiting the call to say the parts are in then my hot magenta beauty can be sorted out and dried out and be as good as new! I also agree with you, anyone who finds any sign of water or dampness anywhere in the drivers side footwells, get it sorted asap - as it doesn't do the car any good and the musty old water smell is not nice!
  8. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    Right... my car has been to my dealership. Ford have agreed to pay 100% towards the repair as they did find a problem! I was told that a sealant that should be on the inside and outside of the A-frame (not sure what this is!) and one of them is missing on my car which has been missing since manufacturing, and has been leaking water in for the past 14 months that I have had it! On asking if they can replace the carpet and underlay - I have been told that Ford told them they must take the carpet out first and fully dry it and re-asses after that. So, parts are on back-order, not going to be done until after Christmas. But, at least they will repair it for free, and I just have to see what happens with the soggy underlay and carpet!
  9. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    The underlay I can get to feels soaked - so will definitely need replacing!!! Thanks for the info!!
  10. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    Thanks so much for all the help and info guys!! It's kind of good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this problem! All though doesn't cure it! My dealership set up a case number with Ford already - before even seeing my car, so maybe they know it's a common problem and are actually willing to try and help for a change!! (Unlike when they told me to carry on driving my car with the speedometer not working after 24 hours of having collected it from new! I was to carry on driving it for 3 weeks until I could have a courtesy car - I argued and left it there that day and went away with my salesman car but they kept it for 3 weeks as they couldn't get the part, apparently!) The insulation layer that I can feel from the little flap in the drivers footwell is absolutely soaking still, even though the carpet feels dry from hoovering up the water. And water is visible on the bodywork - so if they try telling me it's not leaking, then I'd like to know what it is! If they agree to pay - I will be asking for a new carpet, as if this one has been sat with 4 pints of water in it for however long, it's not going to be too clever! And I will want the bodywork checking properly as who knows what damage the water could have done if it's been doing for just over a year!
  11. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    My car was one of the first that came out - so maybe mine is one of the ones with the problem! The assisant manager at my dealer told me that water ingress is not covered after the first 12 months but they have spoken to Ford and have already set up a case number - so fingers crossed!! It can't be a short term thing to be able to get 4 pints of water out of the carpet. I am suspecting it has been over a period of time, and it has now got to the point where it was so full of water, the only way out was up through the carpets and mats on the drivers side! The inside of my windscreen and rear window were running with condensation again this morning. Having felt the carpet behind the drivers seat, it still feels dry to touch, but in the drivers footwell, there is a little slit in the carpet (not sure if any of you have come across it when no mats in the way). I lifted up this flap of carpet and it feels quite soggy underneath and I can see wetness on the actual bodywork of the car. When it goes in on Wednesday, hopefully it will still feel wet. I don't plan on drying it out too much so they can actually see it is wet! I will inform of any progress when my car goes in and hope no-one else has this problem as soggy carpets and musty old water smells are not pleasant in what is a gorgeous car! : )
  12. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    Without sounding too dumb, I don't know! How would I check that? I have used my front and rear windscreen washers and water came out of them, so I guessed they were still full! I can't imagine 4 pints worth of water coming in from there though, surely?!
  13. Drivers side carpet soaking wet!

    I have done a water test with a hose pipe and had someone sitting inside looking for any signs of water leaking in anywhere on the car and nothing. Got someone to also check the drainage wasn't blocked and nothing. Contacted my Ford dealership where I purchased it from - to be told, as it is over 12 months old (14 months in about a weeks time) that it may not be covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty and if they look and find nothing, I will have to pay £50 plus VAT for the privilege! It is booked in for next week so I am crossing my fingers that they find a fault that will be covered. I don't understand what a 3 year warranty is if nothing else is covered after the first year!
  14. At the weekend I discovered that the drivers side footwell, both front and back in my 58 plate Titanium Fiesta, were soaking wet. When standing in the back footwell, I had a puddle surround my foot. For the last 2 weeks, it had been getting very wet windows inside, the condensation was so bad it was dripping off my windscreen. I didn't think too much of it, as we had a lot of rain and thought maybe it was just damp from my shoes. I then got fed up so bought some interior window de-mist stuff - and it was when I went to put it on my rear windows on Saturday, I realised how wet the carpet was when I stood in it - and that's why it had been steaming up! I took the mats out, they were both dripping wet. It is now starting to smell damp and musty in the car which is most unpleasant. Passenger side is completely dry, boot is completely dry. All seats also dry, no signs of any leaks from around the drivers door. Windows had been shut tight. I used a Vax hoover today to suck out the water - I got 4 pints of water out of the carpet, just on the drivers side - and it was still coming out but lunchbreak was over! Has anyone else had this problem? I have been told by a friend it could be a damaged windscreen seal - but I don't know, as I admit, I'm a female and have not got a clue! How do you check to see if its water coming in from the windscreen? If it is, how can it be fixed and more importantly, how much is it likely to cost?! Any help or ideas would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance!!! : )