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  1. get a jug of water and put some washing up liquid in it, stir it up a bit and then paint with a soft paint brush over the suspect area while engine running and look for the bubbles
  2. Miles Per Gallon

    should be a bit better than that,mines a tdci 130 est and i get 46 round town and 55-60 on a longer run all according to the trip computer though but it is pretty accurate. fill the tank to the absalute top of the filler neck,zero the trip/miles,drive it for at least half a tank,re-fill to the same level note the liters of fuel needed to re-fill it and note the miles done and do the maths..
  3. hi mondeo tdci 130 2002 have a problem when i put my foot down to overtake etc some times and not every time the engine loses power the glow light flashes and some times the engine cuts out,can red line it in any gear and its fine, just 5 gear and as you know with no engine the steering is almost impossible and little braking,turn off the ignition and resart everything is hunky dory again....... any ideas?
  4. Tdci Injectors

    hi i have a 2.0 tdci 130 and may need a change of injector can anyone say if it is specific to my engine power or will any injector from the 115 or 155 engines work, and awap it and get it coded i.e are the injectors the same part number for all 2.0tdci engines
  5. Cleaning Windscreen

    try Auto Glym glass cleaner not cheap but works brilliantly especially if the car has been smoked in
  6. might be worth having the glow plugs checked as can cause lumpy start from cold,and if I were you I would take it to a Ford dealer have them plug it in and then if there computer shows any faults you can take this list back to you garage,my local dealer charges £30 for a diagnostic hook up takes about 1/2 hour
  7. hi does anyone know if there is a company supplying bushes,i am looking for the round bush that is at the end of the rear hub/knukle on an estate mondeo it is on the long blade like part that bolts to a bracket bolted to the underside of the car as ford will only supply the whole knukle at a pprice of £181 + vat
  8. Failing Oil Pressure??

    well update time, have changed the filter for the hell of it, but noticed that there was oil in the pressure sensor connector so gave it a clean and all seems well at the moment so will get a new sensor on monday,lets hope that's all it was, as going to be looking at the dash every 5 seconds now. could be the sensor has let oil into the mechanism giving false readings. would still be interested in finding out how to get all the engine readings on the trip display if anyone can point me in the right direction,cheers
  9. whilst driving home last night when approaching a roundabout the oil pressure light flickered on, stopped checked levels all ok,got home about 1/2mile away ok,this morning started it up all ok,as the oil warms up the light flickers on when engine is doing less than 1000rpm, 1000rpm and over it goes out, engine seems ok, no overheating, no nasty smells, oil seems to be getting to the top of the head ok, all sounds as it did quite sweet for a diesel,oil is 5-30 from ford does not have any nasty knocking from the big ends main bearings or rattly top end in fact it sounds nice and smooth so am wondering if its a oil pressure sender failing or has someone else got any better ideas did see somewhere that you can get the oil pressure up on the inst display somehow as the pressure seems to be dropping as the oil gets hotter and thinner
  10. well it's still doing it but only in 5th gear,if I red line it in any gear other than 5th no problems,but if I just floor it in 5th to overtake some times it pops the glow light on and I have to turn off the engine and restart it and it's ok again,anyone near Lowestoft have the kit to read the codes as really object to using a Ford dealer as they generally are crap and greedy (John Grose are anyway)
  11. 2.0 Tdci Mpg?

    I get about 45-47 round and about and 57-60 on a longer run on a tdci 130 5speed est, 192000mls now so just about run in then,he he
  12. nothing i think, mines a ghia and got the same little storage hole
  13. Mondo Fuse Box Missing

    as the guy above says to move it would be one hell of a job so it must be there,try using anything like hazards indicators washer/wipers anything using a relay and should be able to hear them clicking,or (failing that short out the battery and see where the fire starts from,JOKE)
  14. Mondo Fuse Box Missing

    it might be on a drop down hinge, while since i had my mk1/2 put the lights on with the door open and ign on and follow the sound of the buzzer as the buzzer relay should be in the internal f/box