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  1. black smoke indicates not enough air, and too much fuel. Check for splits or cracks in the air system, such as the intercooler pipe and elbows etc.
  2. Creee bulbs are the way to go!
  3. Always blank, if its a 1.8 that is, if its a 2 or 2.2 you are better off cleaning as it is electrically controlled and needs a logical delete from the ECU.
  4. Sounds to me like you are probably looking to replace the heating resistor pack?
  5. I would be looking to have the injectors tested...
  6. petrol I presume? Petrol is always more difficult to tune up than diesel, specifically on a budget....
  7. I cant recall if they are SMD LED lights, and not a standard bulb, so be wary....
  8. you might need a fix on the panel, it can cost around £90 for a replacement LCD panel.
  9. yours could take as little as a fuel filter change, or it could need new injectors, it could be anything from £60 to £600 in range.... Have you found out exactly what else needs doing to your car? even at 140k the other may be due other work like timing belt (around £800)
  10. do you get any black smoke on acceleration? its possible its just as simple as the EGR valve?
  11. knocking on turning tends to be related to suspension or CV boots, not normally assosciated with a headlight...
  12. blue smoke is oil in the system so I would always check seals first, is it a recent purchase, if it is, was it bought from a garage or a private buyer?
  13. clearly your car isnt fine, your alternative option is to return the car as not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality and insist they rectify or replace the car!
  14. buying a 60 mustang is difficult in the country and the only place to buy from is specialists or classic car clubs, buying from a dealer is a strong push.... it also depends how much you want to give him in the form of work to do, the more complete the car, the bigger the cost!
  15. I expect the cables have snapped in which case, you would need the wheels removing, the brake cables pulling back, and replacing then have the brakes adjusted, probably a two hour job all in all, but £250 sounds like a lot... Was this an indie or a dealer?