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  1. hi there i cant get my fiesta si 1995 started can any one help me it wont turn over when i turn the key i can bridge the starter and it trys to start but wont there is a wee black ford box at the drivers foot well and it keeps making a clicking noise when i turn the key and still keeps clicking when i turn the ejnition off for 5mins .i can get lights and that my alarm gose off sumtimes random and when i lock my doors from outside i cant open them with the keys again the red light at the time clock stays on and it is ment to flash plz help!
  2. Hi there i cant get my car to start i think its the immobilizer or sumthing it will not turn over there is a wee black box at the drivers foot well that keeps maken an noise when the exnition is on and the flashing light at the clock dose not flash it just stays on and it has to flash for the immobilizer to work can any body help me to bye pass the immobilizer thanks
  3. cheerz pal
  4. awrite foks dose any 1 know how to lower the leafsprings on a mk6 escort van i have bein told that i can just turn the back axle upside down is this true.
  5. how u doin pal av got the haynes workshop book for the van i will have a look and let u know
  6. hi there i had the same prob with my 75 escort van and i took 1 off my donner van 55 it still works but if ur low if in diesel it takes more effort to start. before u start it pump it from the diesel pump till its hard then it will fire up thats what i do every morning.
  7. i would say your engine is on its way out i had yhe same problem with my car when i was driven and i stoped it would shudder an cut out.
  8. hi there have you tried the brake cylinder an the back there is one under the back end at the drivers side the brake pipes run in to it and there is a rod that goes on to the back axle i had the same problem let me know how you get on.
  9. hi there folks a have changed my engine in my van i had a escort 55 van 1999 but a smashed it then a got a escort 75 van 1998 witch a took then engine out and put the 55 engine in every thing is wired up and its not turning over and the immobiliser light is constantley flashing i can put my ignition on a have got lights and every thing but there is no noise from the engine when i turn the key is this because the immobiliser is flashing dose any one know what to do plz help me thanks. :P :P