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  1. Buying the correct 6000cd radio

    the later 2007 onwards ones have red illuminations make sure you get the one with the same dash light colours
  2. i think your easiest option would to be to install a second set of foot well lights next to the original ones but working independently from a switched ignition controlled live .it's the theater dimming that's going to be the problem on the original setup
  3. .2 relays?  what if you fit an spst relay with the feed from the foot lights powering it and a fused live  from the switched side to power an ignition controlled live to an spdt relay with the feed from  the original footlights to the n/c side - earth it with a switch to operate the relay and power the foot lights only when engine is running  they will still work with ignition off but won't  dim as normal  ..but that way there will no feed back to the courtesy light might work
  4. the rear muffler has been removed - that's why its noisy, you'll either need an aftermarket  part or revert back to standard
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Going From 18S To 16S

    are the discs the same size? my 1.6 with 16's on it has drums on the rear front calipers are pretty close to the 16 rims
  6. Flashing Lights On Start Up?

    if the battery is in poor condition the lights flash at startup to warn you it's not fully charged somewhere in the handbook and its also happened to me when my original battery failed .i sometimes dont use the car for 4-5 weeks so now i have a heavy duty varta problems
  7. Part Number Help

    Pitmonster posted
  8. Mk2 Focus 1.6 Petrol Aux Belt

    try a search on ebay for a complete second user engine you know what your code is?
  9. Engine Id Location

    don't know if this helps
  10. Alternator Swap?

    the mounting holes are diffferent .. bigger on the 1.8 also in a different place
  11. 2015 Ford Focus St Review

    " ..where's that mr stoney..behind the steering wheel?
  12. Change Dashboard Language

    i have different clocks SURE it wasn't you that messed it up ..i'm guessing "the mrs" didn't get her choccy's
  13. Change Dashboard Language

    or could always ..turn ignition on and scroll the setting wheel once upwards towards the windscreen then press the button several times till it says english ..scroll till the display offers you an exit choice or just turn of ignition and it will save it for you ..then you MUST appologise to "the mrs" her choccy's and rub her feet etc..etc
  14. Child Lock/lock Stuck - Help!

    i'm sure that key slot behind the catch should be either horizontal (child lock on) or verticle ..try and turn that so its vertical then use the outside handle to test ( if the child locks stuck it wont open from inside)
  15. Child Lock/lock Stuck - Help!

    give it a good soak with wd40 ..then while pulling the handle up from outside try and flick the catch that you pushed down back up with a screwdriver ..could be that its old grease sticking