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  1. TDDI - Puff of oil smelling smoke on start up, fine after. No discernable oil loss. Just had DMF/Clutch done. Any ideas chaps(esses) Cheers
  2. How many have you owned ?

    1995 1600 GLX 1993 2000 Ghia estate 1995 2500 1997 ST24 2000 1800TD Estate :/ 2001 TDDI Estate
  3. Cheap DMF replacement

    It's what i was quoted by a few garages around here.
  4. Hi, Just had me DMF/clutch etc changed for less than £700 using genuine ford parts (Excluding starter motor). If you are in the Portsmouth area and don't want to pay £1200+ let me know and i will tell you where.
  5. tddi erg valve

    If you are getting a load of horrible smoke on load it could be a hole in one of the hoses from the intercooler, same symptoms as EGR valve malfunction.