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  1. It's better than diggin' a ditch...
  2. Yes, it really is that simple!
  3. Petrol In A Diesel, 2007 1.8 Tdci

    Take what they say on Top Gear with a large pinch of salt. I doubt very much if Mr Clarkson will stump up to fix your motor if you follow his "advice" and it proves to be wrong. Never mix fuel, especially petrol into a diesel car, for the very reasons mentioned.
  4. Mk2 Interior Light

    All wires are reachable from the feed to the main courtesy light.
  5. Mk2 Interior Light

    You need to search ebay for a Mondeo 2000-2007 courtesy light. They are a direct fit (you will recognise the shape). Should cost £10 to £15. I never bothered with the rear courtesy light as my car is a three door. I have sen the lights on ebay from time to time. Visor lights are simple. I did mine and built the wiring easily: In truth the cutting was easy, just make sure the hole isn't too big and that they are both square to the recesses. It was the wiring that was a pain. I tried soldering but ended up going back to crimp connectors. They were much easier in the confined space (and can be disconnected if needed). If anyone else wants to fit them here's the wiring connections and cutting dimensions: Black/white from both vanity lights joins to black/blue on the courtesy light. Orange/Green on (left) and orange/white (right) vanity lights joins to black/yellow on the courtesy light. The holes in the headlining are 6.3cm long by 3.9cm wide. Remember that you can make a hole larger, if needs be, but not smaller. The lights were £10 for the pair from ebay. You will need to make sure they come with their connectors with a small length of wire for each one (it is a special fit plug).
  6. Door Sills Needed?

    I have a set of Lockwoods on my 3 door and they really do look the part, as well as being very good at saving the car from scuffs.
  7. Rear Bumper Needed (Mk2)

    You should be able to find a tonic blue (your car's colour) rear bumper secondhand from a breaker for a very reasonable sum. No painting required. Tonic is a bugger to match.
  8. Thanks Pree (sorry not had time to take pictures - been very busy recently) My brothers (the black car in the guide) passed an MOT modded this way.
  9. Fit New Gear Knob

    Has someone been scanning their Haynes manual? If so: Refitting is the reverse of removal!!!
  10. Ford Focus 2010 40 000 Miles

    Your local Ford dealer can tell you this. They will probably take the chance to offer to help you keep the book up to date as well!
  11. Guide followed, fitted to my car: Well worth the hour to do the whole job (lights and LEDs). Mk2.5 clear rear lights fitted: Modded for RS/ST dual red look:
  12. How to fit the facelift clear rear lights to a pre-facelift car (with the red lights). 1) Remove your original lights and bulb holders. 2) Before cutting any wires look at the loom at comes with the new lights, there are 4 wires and the original car has 5. You should see a wire running from the orange bulb holder to the white one on the new loom, this is the earth wire to the white holder, cut this wire closer to the orange one. 3) Cut the original indicator plug off the car’s loom (2 wires). 4) Cut the remaining wires to the orange holder, make sure they are cut to a different length to the one cut in number 2 (this way you know which wire is the common earth). 5) Using a multi meter on continuity find the other earth wire, connect this to the black wire on the car’s original loom. 6) Connect the other wire (cut in no 4) to the other wire from the car’s loom. 7) Check the indicator works (make sure all wiring joints are insulated). 8 ) You will notice you have a “spare” earth wire that used to go to the tail light holder – cut in 2). You can use this it to provide an earth if you fit LEDS in the indicator part of the light, if not insulate its end (see separate guide). 9) Cut the black wire on the cars tail light loom and connect it to the earth wire. 10) The remaining two wires on the car’s loom are the brake and tail light feed, as looms may vary you will need to check which is which using your multi meter. 11) Connect them to the remaining 2 wires on the new loom and test that your bulb lights with a single dim element for tail light and a bright one for the brakes). Once you have them correct insulate all joins. Remember the wire for the tail light as you’ll need to use it if you fit the LEDs in the indicator part of the light. How to fit LEDs in to the indicator light (to replicate the facelift ST and RS lights) 1) You’ll need to buy some LEDs on strips like these and wire them (+&-) as shown, use thin wire, speaker cable is too thick and not pliable enough, make the negative wire shorter so you know which is which. I’d recommend 3 LEDs no more otherwise the indicator will not be visible enough. 2) Drill a small hole under where the indicator bulb holder fits and remove an debris that gets in to the light. Feed the wires through from the inside. 3) Tuck the LEDs inside the light vertically down from the indicator bulb, once happy with the fit take off the sticky paper and stick down (trial fitting allows you to bend the wire in to shape first, you’ll need to pull the LED strip out before taking off the stick backing paper). 4) Connect the negative wire to the spare earth wire on the indicator bulb holder (point 8 in the light fitting guide above). 5) Connect the positive wire to the tail light wire on the tail light bulb holder (point 11 in the light fitting guide above). 6) Turn your rear lights on and the LEDs also light up, they remain illuminated with the indicators too, as so the Ford lights on the facelift ST and RS. Notes:  Ensure that all wiring connectors are fully insulated and be careful when you test connections.  Don’t cut, test or connect wires with the lights turned on.  Use a multi meter, don’t mix up earth and power wires.  When you cut the plugs off the car’s loom leave enough wire on them to reconnect them if you want to refit the original lights.  Make sure all wires are tidy when you refit the lights to avoid nipping a wire by accident. By following these guides you take responsibility for the correct and safe modification of the car and your personal safety. You also take responsibility for the legality of the modification, saying someone told you to is no excuse in the eyes of the law.
  13. Fitting Fog Lights

    Maybe he hasn't had time to finish it yet?
  14. Same principle to fit a spoiler from a Focus ST. How about upgrading to some mk2.5 rear lights? Maybe with some LEDs in the top half a la ST/RS?
  15. Go for it. I changed to mk2.5 rears on my hatchback.