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  1. Haha, the joys of women. Lovely pic sussex.
  2. Yeh I'm on the look out for an MK3/4 Fiesta, hopefully something will come up within budget in the next couple of months. I'm hoping to have about £800 for it.
  3. Well my instructor said he was going to put me in for my practical, too which I was full of smiles. We then had a little look through my personal performance sheet thing and discovered I hadn't yet done my theory, so I went home that night and booked it. Hopefully I will get the practical booked on Monday but I am aware that the wait for sitting your test can be a while after booking it.
  4. Just whilst it's half time of this depressing Liverpool match, passed my theory today... started at 11:36, was out with the certificate at 12:04... really easy, and I highly recommend the app for the iPhone as I was doing a practice test on the way down on it and a lot of the questions are repeated in the actual test. Half way there!
  5. 20 here!
  6. Darren - charming , but sleeps with men. ._.
  7. I'll knock you something up Peggy, and though I'm not driving yet, I will hold you to that pint haha What would you like on it? Just post a picture you would like on it and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Thanks guys, I agree that a lot of it is common sense, however, I don't believe someone can pass it on common sense alone. Some stuff has to be revised such as the different crossings, emergency procedures, motorway studs etc. The test is at 11:30am, just doing a couple quick mock tests before I go.
  9. Really nice car and Welcome to the forums :}
  10. ^ I had a little giggle haha, but Hello to the new Titanium... very nice :]
  11. So yeh, as the title suggests, got my theory test tomorrow. Quite confident about the Hazard Perception, but remembering some of the theory test answers is a bit difficult... especially the thinking/braking distance. Being doing revision on my iPhone and my PC, so hopefully they will ask me the right questions! Wish me luck!
  12. Welcome to FOC, very nice car. Any chance of seeing the interior?
  13. Such a lovely car! Very nice Jon
  14. Looks amazing Pete :)