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  1. Got mine ( Pagid ) when they had a 50% offer and I`m well please with them.
  2. Is there anyone on here that would be able to recommend a company that does DPF removal in the Sussex area please.
  3. The only reason I use it is because I do so little mileage and relatively short journeys. Perhaps I`m just being paranoid waiting for egr and dpf to go faulty in a 2.0 tdci. In my previous 1.8 I did`t bother.
  4. Hi Amanda, what size engine and how many miles do you do ?
  5. Have a look at www.ashingtonautos.co.uk. There are based in West Sussex and have a good selection of Foci. I`ve bought at least 4 cars off them in the past and also made recommendations to friends.
  6. Probably not worth it. I took the 6000 out of mine as it didn`t have the Bluetooth modules. I believe there is some info on the forum regarding cost and the upshot was to get an after market radio with all the bells and whistles.
  7. Oh,how I miss humour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. I believe there has been a recent thread on here regarding the removal of the DPF . It may be worth having a look or perhaps one of the guys on here might know the title of the thread.I`ll probably go down that route as I get close to the mileage.
  9. I wouldn`t touch it either. If they can`t be bothered to have a clean car for inspection and potential faults have been identified from what they can see imagine what might be lurking elsewhere. Also you`re very close to 75k and with the 2.0 tdci engine we all know what that means !!!
  10. I`ve had 3 Focus`s ( or is it Foci ? ) and each of them have had to have the aerial cable changed to enable me to get a proper MW signal. Water seems to ingress after a period of time.
  11. Sod buying presents this Christmas. I`ll just spend it all on myself :D
  12. Oh decisions,decisions.
  13. Hi , I`m just in the process of buying a Cree reversing light bulb but I was wondering if it would be ok to replace the rear fog light with the same type or would it become too bright ? I have a late mk2 estate with the red lens. Many thanks.
  14. I wouldn`t worry. Mine still does it occasionally after I`ve washed the car and forgotten to drive it around afterwards.
  15. You don`t say how cold it was the previous nights but if you`ve had as much rain as we have in Sussex then it may be one of 2 things. Either the brake froze on due to dampness or more likely there may have have been a slight forming of rust which would have stopped the brake releasing completely. I also park my car on a slight incline and on occasions have just left the car in gear ( especially on nights when I`m expecting a frost ).