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  1. the altinator is on the side you mentioned and it maybe that thats not working properly due to bad wireing or the aux belt slipping when it gets wet perhaps. get both looked at asap as the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. get the altinator checked first then go from there. most garages should do a free check. dont buy new if you have to replace get one from a breakers yard
  2. sounds like starter motor failed. what was happening before battery change (what was the symptons) it may also be altinator fail. if your in the aa etc get them out to check it
  3. thanks for the heads up josh, glad its all sorted
  4. oops seems i have the wrong end of the stick. dont really matter as they filouke wont get back to me to tell me its the wrong item im showing in the piccy. thaught egr valve were more prone to go on the fiesta diesel engine
  5. they are great on snow as they are light and the wheel positions make them like a go cart.
  6. thats what your looking for they put them ontop the engine like the picc or at the front of the engine see pic below some are plastic and some metal. remove the 2 bolts and unplug the item then soak it in petrol or give a good clean with wd40 or a good degreaser then refit it. its to do with the idle as sometimes it sticks and the engine over revs or cuts out. sometimes it mounted at the front of the engine just below the manifold. acces is usually ok from the top a pic of the engine maybe of help for us as they have changed things on the engines and moves nabout hope this is of help let us know
  7. when my daughter needed a gearbox seal replacing the garage told me that if its a ka they use the ford lump in it but some of the electrics are fiat. i would change plugs for a better quality plug and a ford set of leads. but it does seem you have it all coverd keep us posted on the outcome as the info can be of help to other users on the forum
  8. i hope it gets sorted as it all we seem to hear about now .i have left post reply to so many people on the site and no one bothers to reply unless they are the older members. all the newbies seem to do is sign up get the problem solved and we never hear from them again and it gets frustrating. apologies if i upset anyone with me rattles...........ian lanc look at the video left by gary (omendata). i can supply you with the relevant thinners for you to spray the paint on not cellulose as thats what i do for a living im a paint sprayer. first try using a toothpick to apply the paint as that works and allow the colour to fully harden before applying the lacquer (clear coat) you can use an hair dryer to speed up the drying. email me back if you stilll need help oh the video shows the use of 3000 and 5000 grade paper thats quite expensive to buy i can supply you 1200 and 2000 grade if you need it
  9. removed reply due to not reply from original poster. another time waster
  10. thanks for the reply josh and a heads up on the problem
  11. omendata you know your not going to get a reply from the newbie for any help you give him as it dont happen anymore for this reason i feel not like helping any of them with any advice
  12. H

    l o l
  13. thanks for letting us know how you got on josh another waste of space getting to the point of now wanting to help newbies out as then do not have the decency to reply. mods need to monitor this as too many wasters on this site now all want to take but not give
  15. hi omen. will it be ok to copy some of your wording on leaving feedback replys and adding it on my posts.

    i will copy it and change it slightly if thats ok with you

    1. Omendata


      Yeah not a problem Del.

      Frustrating isnt it when folks dont even have the decency to reply to your posts when you make such an effort to help folks.

      Quite sad but i guess thats folks today.