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    l o l
  2. thanks for letting us know how you got on josh another waste of space getting to the point of now wanting to help newbies out as then do not have the decency to reply. mods need to monitor this as too many wasters on this site now all want to take but not give
  4. hi omen. will it be ok to copy some of your wording on leaving feedback replys and adding it on my posts.

    i will copy it and change it slightly if thats ok with you

    1. Omendata


      Yeah not a problem Del.

      Frustrating isnt it when folks dont even have the decency to reply to your posts when you make such an effort to help folks.

      Quite sad but i guess thats folks today.

  5. i totally agree omendata. peeps want help but wont give feedback. i recon if they dont we should be able to score them so we can see if they are worth helping in the future and go onto remove them as they are parasites i recon.
  6. did you get the car sorted and what was the problem !!!!!!
  7. that only gets damaged if messed about with. that would have shown up on a diagnostics if they botherd to do one as its a sensor
  8. if you buy a obd tester make sure it does the correct test as some only does 50% of sensors on the car and may not read the sensor thats down on your car if it is a sensor. i would take to independent garage to do a diagnostics on it and get your garage the bill for it
  9. i would not trust the car again myself. you have been patient with them so start asking for a full refund then go get a diffrent car. i was gonna get the new ecoboost fiesta but read on it and drive it and then the mazda 2 and the mazda2 (new shape) nocks the pants off the fiesta. put it all down in writing & whats been happening an request a full refund or a replacement car as they killed your car
  10. i agree its a little ott to say change the ecu after changing just the coil pack. tell the garage you want a second opinion ie from ford and let the garage pay for it. what garage tell you the ecu needs changing ?? is there any code thrown up to show what the fault maybe ??? (ask for fault codes)
  11. sounds like the fan relay has gone of the fan its self if it's not cutting in when it all gets hot. i had similar on a ford galaxy and it was a relay gone to run the fan let us know the outcome olive
  12. water pump fail heater matrix blocked or failed. try new ht leads and plugs and air filter then - is the water flowing around the all the coolant pipes let engine got warm undo the expansion bottle cap then feel all the pipes are getting warm or hot if some are not keep it running to try to remove any air through the expansion bottle if they still dont get hot then you have an air lock or a bad thermostat or rad or heater control valve dodgy thermostsat replace control valve fail replace does the fan kick in or has that failed check electrics blocked rad flush through with hose pipe or replace heater control valve fails that will give overheating symptoms as it may remain in the closed position or in your case open all the time. change it along with the thermostsat. on the net a het control valve and thermostat about £20.00 inc p&p defo an over heating problem if it starts again have all the blowers on full and to the hot settings to help keep the engine cool.
  13. its an easy job to do so you mayaswell do it. as for the gear change being hard to change that maybe the clutch on its way out or the thrust bearing that pushes toh clutch plate. if thats had it then change both at the same time also check if you have enough fluid in the clutch/brake resivior
  14. hi simonej did you get the water issue sorted and what was the cause ??? if you reply with your fix it does help others to sort their issues out
  15. did you get the part