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  1. its to indicate a bulb has failed so check all exterior bulbs again. if one has not failed then it maybe a dirty contact on one of the bulbs ? when my daughters light came on it was a rear brake bulb. replaced and all sorted so have someone in the car to do the lights while you look for the duff bulb and dont forget the indicators use the hazzard button. i hope this has been of help page 119
  2. a lot of cars have only central locking not remote central locking your one has only central locking so cant use remote locking look here
  3. i doubt the previous owner realized you need a chip in the key to start the engine you do need the master if you ever do any work on the ignition. pop into fords and ask them about a replacement.
  4. not really worth messing with . you will have to notify your insurance aswell and have the car re registerd with the dvla then it maybe a sod to sell on best to save ££ and get a car that has performance as standard like a fiesta st or the fiat 500 abarth.
  5. did you find the leak andy. let us know for future referance for others to use.
  6. ahh the old rusty ka bites back. glad you got it sorted
  7. any luck russwh
  8. did you get the squeeling sorted ifso what was the cause
  9. replace the ht leads and then if no good have the car tested as you may have hit the timing out on the cam when the head was done. why did you have the head skimmed and the other parts if it was a runner ??
  10. i would first replae plugs and ht leads and air filter. have the wireing check on the battery and altinator aswell. some obd readers oony does the basic reads not a full read and i dont always trust them as they cannot find a broken or damaged item so it's down to us to replace on a trial and error basis. i had similar on my fiesta and it turned out to be altinator plugs and ht lt leads. the fuel pump is working as it does fire up so you eliminated that. check the air hoses are not split aswell as that will make it sound like a tank as would a hole in the exhaust
  11. on the fan kicking in from what you said sounds about right. i would do as szabi says thermostat and housing and flush the system. a relay dont cost much either so mayaswell change that part aswell
  12. you can buy a belt dressing spray but to be honest i would have the belt replaced as that sounds like the problem your having dont spray any lubricant like wd40 on it as you will make things worse. start by replacing the belt if that dont work then the tensioner or do both at the same time
  13. there you go 12 months or 12500 miles the servicing is the same across the range i would have the brake fluid changed as thats a every 2 yr on the ka and oil plugs all filters and have the radiator fluid changed that way you know its all got for a few years. i do my daughters oil change every 2 yrs as she dont do the miles in the car. hope this has been of help. this i info is for the mk2 ka but will be same for the older mk1 model the link worked a treat for my daughters 2010 ka thanks wes
  14. russ the other thing you can try is looking up the fiat 500 details or owners club as the f 500 uses a lot of the same parts and someone may have had the same problem and put up the fix ? worth a go mate
  15. check the lights are sealed properly & the wire harness into the boot lid is secure. you may find it's a build up of condensation thats filled the boot with water. perhaps drill a drain hole but take care not to hit the petrol tank. drill from underneath perhaps unless you know it's clear to drill. had same on a fiesta and it was condensation due to the damp /wet mornings using the rear defog so often and people being in the car making things worse. let us know how you get on