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  1. plugs or ht leads need replacing or do both. cheap enough from your local europarts
  2. take the car to kwik fit for a free brake check and ask them to have a quick look at the tracking and then when it on their lift ask them for the steering rack number and say you think thats the problem with the steering and im sure they will help you or do the same at your small local garage but always as for a price befor they lift the car off the ground as your only asking for a visual check
  3. sounds like the clutch is worn out. you would be best to have it replaced and they will do it all for you. my local garage charges me £30.00 a hour for cash get the brakes checked aswell if they are spongy and change all the oils the bleed is ontop the clutch on the rh side as your looking in the engine bay its a bleed nipple like on your brake caliper its bled the same way as its linked with the brake res so replce all the old oil then do a full brake and clutch bleed but it sounds like your clutch or a leaking brake caliper ? keep us posted on the outcome
  4. its down to the year i e the reg of car so look for a part thats made around the age of your models ie 2006. look on ebay for the ones with front and rear pics of the item and makesure it matches as the serial number maybe for the colour and air con etc
  5. just because its a for badge on it does not mean its a ford ***** this car uses a lot of the fiat 500 running gear. perhaps do a search online for you problem but state its a fiat 500. perhaps try the fiat 500 owners club ? you say you had a new abs hub fitted is this the correct one for this car as that maybe the problem or the abs sensor or wires off the abs sensor damaged
  6. my son have a v reg fiesta ghia and the heater inside the car only blows hot air and its full heat and the dashboard is also hot. any ideas please
  7. Get rid of it and buy the better model. If you change anything from non standard you will need to notify your insurance company even for a radio upgrade. its girls car reguardless what you do to it.....
  8. as its the edge model i would not bother. you will need it jigged incase the chassis is bent and the front section check to see if the chassis where the suspension is hel in place has not been damaged then after carrying out all the work needed it needs re registering with the dvla and a new mot as it was more than likely a write off as it looks like the wheel has taken a heavy knock i personally would not bother. the cost of the work etc you may aswell buy one thats up together unless you like a project to take on
  9. sounds like you need to start off by changing the clutch.cost about £125.00 then about 2.5 hours fitting.if the clutch is biting low then it's not worn its when it bites high its worn so more info on that please. does the grinding noise happen on tockover or when moving or when clutch is depressed and is it a defo grinding or rubbing noise or metallic noise ie metal on metal ?? more info please
  10. so what your saying is you gonna drive 40000 miles to a dealer to have the dash removed because you got a leak without investigating it your self it maybe a duff door seal or the windscreen needs sealing. you need to investigate it if you allow a dealer to sort it it will cost more that to ka is worth
  11. the ka rage are usually pretty good. i recon you got one thats had issues in its past and they sold it on and you got it. try disconnecting the battery over night then re connect it for the ecu etc to reset it's self it maybe the ecu or it needs remapping . keep us posted as this maywell help others in the future
  12. its to indicate a bulb has failed so check all exterior bulbs again. if one has not failed then it maybe a dirty contact on one of the bulbs ? when my daughters light came on it was a rear brake bulb. replaced and all sorted so have someone in the car to do the lights while you look for the duff bulb and dont forget the indicators use the hazzard button. i hope this has been of help page 119
  13. a lot of cars have only central locking not remote central locking your one has only central locking so cant use remote locking look here
  14. i doubt the previous owner realized you need a chip in the key to start the engine you do need the master if you ever do any work on the ignition. pop into fords and ask them about a replacement.
  15. not really worth messing with . you will have to notify your insurance aswell and have the car re registerd with the dvla then it maybe a sod to sell on best to save ££ and get a car that has performance as standard like a fiesta st or the fiat 500 abarth.