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  1. Hub nut size

    easiest way to work it out is got buy a new hub nut as you should replace it with a new one if you remove the old one and measure the new nut then get the socket that fits then go remove the old nut. or just phone ford spares and they should be able to tell you the size
  2. Catalytic convertor

    the garage had you over as a cat is no where near £500. cost to fit about a hours labour . take to another garage then report to other garage to local trading standards see link
  3. Ka brake pedal noise

    my daughter has a 2010  ka and it does the same with the clunk noise. have checked it and its how it is as said befor too much fiat in the car. not that well refined i dont think otherwise a good car.
  4. phoe fordparts with your vin number and they maybe able to help you. you can always use the chassis number when you phone fords as that maygive more details or look on the alt as they put details on there or atleast take a piccy of it for reference
  5. ka charging battery at 19 volts

    get it checked properly as omendata said it sounds like alt or regulator. dont let ileave it too long as you may ruin the battery   
  6. oil change every 12 months and magnatech will be fine but you dont need expensive oil for the ka. add some tappet additive as that will keep the tappets from pinking.
  7. 2004 Sport Ka Auxiliary Belt

    perhaps its not the correct belt for your model of engine. where the belt rubbed itt maybe worn on that point. i would phone fords to get the part number and a price inc vat then phone around for other prices on eurocarparts etc leave a message on the site above and they will reply really fast all times of day and night i have found in the past
  8. Engine Light On Sportka

    jamie if your confident to do the work yourself it will save you a fortune. let us know if you want to diy and we can tell you what you need to do the job and advise you .if the weather is crap then you need to park in a garage to do it really not kirbside.if you feel you cant do it or dont want to do it then ask what a garage will charge. i recon each side ie wishbone etc will cost between 30 - 1 hours labour so count for say 2 hours labour then the parts ontop. if your taking to a small local garage ask them what the parts will cost inc vat and then go online and compare the price and supply them to parts to fit ?
  9. Engine Light On Sportka

    engine management light can mean anything so garage to get the to sort it if you can yorself. the steeing is due to wear on the suspension so that needs looking at asap as you said it pulls and is horrible to drive. sounds lie lower suspension arm and track rod ends need doing
  10. Standard Vs Flat Wipers?

    flat for me and they dont rust
  11. have you actully powerd the bulbs to illuminate them as they maybe duff ones even if they are new
  12. Mk6 Water Leak In Boot. High Level Brake Light.

    from your profile its a 2016 model so take it back under warranty. strage its still 2015
  13. Did I Break My Heater Control Valve?
  14. Diagnostic Reader?

    i use this one or this one will do the job
  15. Did I Break My Heater Control Valve?

    the hose is ok its the housing thats had its day as you said the plastic has gone brittle so needs replacing.. scrapyard should have something