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  1. did you get it sorted ??
  2. you can try running the car with the top loose on the expansion bottle as that may well allow the water to go around the system and bleed out the airlock but make sure you have water handy to fill it up and keep looking for air cumming out. dont overfill and dont allow to run dry and use gloves and glasses incase hot water escapes
  3. 1 i would open the breather to get rid of any air in the system first you may have to do it a couple of times as it sound like you may have an air lock. see link 2 check hoses are all getting warm if not repeat 1 3 the heater matrix located below heater control valve maybe blocked 4 see vids below 5 check the water pump has power to it if it has then perhaps replace it as it may have failed see vids below as the fiesta will be pretty much the same as the ka
  4. if you have a wet/dry vac then buy a foam upholstery cleaner apply the foam all over the seat then use a plastic fiber brush the agitate the dirt then apply hot water with a cloth all over the seat then vac it all away and allow to dry. you can use a carpet cleaner if you dont have a foam spray just apply the carpet cleaner diluted in a spray bottle or buy an upholstery cleaner from your local pound shop as they will sell it ad use the application of it then hot water then vac it away. if you dont have a wet/dry vac then its down to elbow grease like i use and plenty of clean cloths remember the first thing to do is to vac the whole seat prior to applying anything .
  5. as its a new car you should take it back to the dealer and get them to show you how it works
  6. i had similar so i purchased a replacement alt for £35.00 off the scrappys 4 yrs ago and its been fine since. really good site
  7. do as said jack car up at the rear chock the front wheels first then release the hand brake and turn the rear wheels by hand. if they move freely then not the brakes at fault. do the same on the front ones but you can do them one at a time without jacking both wheels off the ground at the same time. did you not ask the garage to check your brakes when you went in there. most garages will do a free brake check for you if you ask them. take to local garage not multi national and ask them to ramp it up for you for them to have a look if your not sure what to do as that will save you getting messed up especially this dodgy weather were getting
  8. heater control valve maybe the culprit. i would also change the plugs and ht leads. i think the vid is for a fiesta but its the same for the ka but you may need to remove the plastic bulk head and the wiper blades link here
  9. a photo would be of great help on my daughters 2010 ka the flap your on about covers a screw than holds the center consul in place.
  10. i would take it back to dealer and insist they have it sorted or they authorize you to get it sorted and they pay the invoices for mirror work and rear light. i have just got a brand new car and there is no fogging on my lights. as its been said dont drill holes as it dont really work and you will lose any warranty if you do anything to the car yourself. i would insist they get it sorted. an auto electrician should do it not a mechanic if you do attempt to do the repairs yourself look up on youtube for the fiat500 door panel removal as its the same car pretty muck same for the light
  11. from memory its just below the nearside head light. ramp the car up to gain access if your unlucky then pop the front bumper off. i think its a single 10mm nut that holds it on. get under and have a look
  12. old new car so best to use genuine parts i recon. always fit aswell
  13. phone your local fords parts dept or go in there ant they will be able to tell you and give you a price
  14. i need to replace the lower suspension arm on my daughters mk2 ka nearside arm. all i need to know is what bolts do i remove on the front end to access the front bolt than holds the arm on. basically i need to remove plates etc to gain access to the bolt that holds the arm on.
  15. sounds a strange one. i would have the altinator and battery checked first then let us know the outcome. hopefully its something simple to rectify.perhaps its a coil pack thats playing up when it gets hot ?