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    09 1600 titainium tdci
  1. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    yes it is a lot faster and if you drive it steady most of the time it will save fuel but make sure you get the right box tduk d.p.i unit it as 3 power maps and 4 driving maps but it costs £350 but it is well worth it and if you have the 95 bhp with overboost it is super fast brilliant engine
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    you need the tduk d.p.i unit its best it goes on the injectors
  3. please please you need a dpi unit its loads better trust me its from dtuk d.p.i. unit
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Tdcii Bluefin From Superchips

    hello i have a dpi unit from dtuk and if you have the 95 bhp you got a very fast car even in the 90 bhp its not bad but in the 95 bhp its super fast it fits on the injectors and very easy to fit ten mins max
  5. Tunninig

    i have just got tduk tunning box dead easy to fit conect to the injecters and as four maps for your driving style and wow what power after aweek of setling in and mpg gon up to but at a price £345 the midrange power is unbleavable
  6. new member

    hello i am holie i have a new fiesta in vision 17 in alloys leather 1600 tdci titainum all i can say is what a car
  7. helloe i am holie how do you put pics on site please