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  1. wanted

    no longer required,ive got some
  2. dashboard update

    very nice,looks loads better than the old style sticky stuff you used to be able to buy
  3. secret hole

    i found this hole as well when i was sorting the wifes dash out,i presumed it would normally have been an ashtray if that was an option on these? by the time id got it open the metal lug on the clip snapped off so i had to buy a new one from ford, who only sell them in packs of 5 at £10+ when i refitted it i bent the lugs right back on the clip so it now opens quite easily
  4. wanted

    im after a set of the new style 17" alloys as fitted to the new fiesta zetec s if anyone has some for sale? will pay around £400 for an ex set with ex tyres,can collect this week while im on hols,please let me know if you have a set with or without tyres,cheers