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  1. Sony DAB upgrade

    You may get away with an ebay fakra aerial but when i done this years ago i just got the full dab aerial from ford.  None of the original aerial is interchangeable with the dab one. 
  2. Focus mk3 auto dimming mirror

    I have found out what the connection is.  It is for passenger airbag notification for when it is turned off. 
  3. Focus mk3 auto dimming mirror

    I have started to fit an auto dimming mirror to my Zetec S.  I have the front screen that has the black blank on so it looks like it has autonlights and wipers.  The mirror is a direct swap and the original trim fits back on. So that side of things is spot on. In my headlining i appear to have an extra square plug with two wires on but nothing for the mirror.  The drivers a post connection has many pins in the headlining side plug but the car side does not (no surprise there)  What wires are people using to connect the mirror to and does anyone have an idea what the square plug is for? 
  4. Focus mk3 dials

    Thats great ill have anlook for the thread 
  5. Focus mk3 dials

    Has anyone swapped their instrument cluster over fron the standard matrix setup in a Zetec S to the dials with the larger screen?  If so is it a case if adjusting the configuration and set up in the Ipc or plug and play
  6. As said above Zetec + appearance pack / Sport pack as it was called on the older cars
  7. Focus St-3 Mk2 Recaro Seat Rocking/broken

    There is a bar on the seat base that acts as a type of pivot for when you jack the seat base up etc. The bar goes from left to right on the seat base and even on the lowest the seat will go cause it to rock when the weld has broken. The bar is fairly cheap to buy from ford new and is easy to replace once the seat is out of the car. Also it may be wortb doing the seat mod with the two plastic spacers for the seat base pad if you have had any side to side movement when the seat was ok.
  8. Best Lowering Suspension For Mk3 Zetec S??

    Ford parts uk sell the eibachs with the ford finis number on for a fair price.
  9. 08 Focus Air Con

    Well it's not going to be R12 gas lol
  10. Fiesta Mk6 To Mk6.5

    The body kits will interchange along with the headlights. But the rear lights are wired differently.
  11. In that case I doubt it would have dual mass flywheel. As said the clutch disc may have oil contamination from either the rear main seal or a leaking clutch cylinder or a damaged clutch friction plate.
  12. My Front Discs 'hiss'

    Vauxhall had the same issue with noisy front brakes on the Corsa d (more or less same as the fiesta and punto underneath) and it was down to the brake pad compound. In the end we had to use a fiat spec pad to stop the noise.
  13. 08 Focus Air Con

    Your car will have a yellow sticker to tell him how much gas will go into your car
  14. 02 Focus Tdci Starting Issue

    More than likely an injector causing the fuel pressure to drop. The car will often give a lw fuel pressure code and say its the pump. The pump can increase the fuel delivery to the common rail as requested but if an injector is returning more fuel back to the tank or dumping more fuel into the engine than is required the pressure in the rail will drop. This would cause the pump to max out what it can deliver and then set a low fuel pressure code as the pressure will still drop. You will probably need 250 bar ish for the car to start and idle and upto 1600 bar+ to drive about.