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  1. Happy Birthday Girlonmars!

  2. Unbelievable! A meet which is 2mins from my house! Unfortunately my car will be on the drive but i'll be on a plane coming back from NZ so im gutted to miss out on a meet so close to home :( Enjoy guys :)
  3. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet car mate!! I love my car, but your ZS just looks fantastic :) Enjoy!
  4. Nicely done Jack, really liking that look :)
  5. My light comes on at bang on 50 and the 'ding' scares the crap outta me every time! I've driven mine until about 20 miles remaining but the gauge needle was resting on empty so i dared not push it any more!
  6. Hi! Welcome to the forum! :)
  7. Yeah, I'd probably do the same as Flic - you cant see what your car looks like driving from behind unless you follow one! I saw a hot magenta fez coming towards me on the other side of the road last week and i had to suppress the urge to wave and grin at them :)
  8. Im having the same problem - it's incredibly slow. Hopefully that will improve once all the mods have been done :) The site's looking good! Although I have to say im gutted that my beautiful coloured fez isnt in the title bar any more :( Nice work guys!
  9. Cheers guys, i'll investigate myself a bit first and then hassle Ford if anything fishy turns up! Zoe :)
  10. Worryingly it was all four tyres :(
  11. Hi all, My little magenta fez went into the ford garage for it's 3 week initial check up to see how it's faring up and everything was fine until they mentioned the fact that my tyre tread has reduced by 1mm. I didnt think anything of it at first but now, i just dont think its right - that means ill pretty much have to buy new tyres every 3 months if they reduce by 1mm every 3weeks or so. Is there something i can do or say to ford about this or am i worrying over nothing?
  12. LOVING THIS dash!
  13. The day i picked up my car, the salesman went through the form with me and told me that it would be unfair of me to mark him in his section anything lower than 'outstanding'! He then proceeded to tell me that if i marked him anything else that he would personally get points deducted and that he wouldnt get any rewards. So i asked him what sort of rewards he would be expecting for his somewhat mediocre salesmanship and he had the gall to tell me that he was in for a £500 windfall last month and another £500 in April!! And he couldnt even throw in mats.....unbelievable he had the nerve to try and make me feel sorry for him! I know how ill be marking him when i get the form!!
  14. Im in two minds about these - I would love to see what they look like fitted though. Im paranoid about any kurb-related incidents!