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  1. I tried searching for this. I'm either crap at looking or nobody else has come across this. I have a mk7 fiesta '09 reg. On the dashboard where the windscreen meets on the drivers side, there seems to be some sort of black sponge sticking out? I have no idea how integral it is, and whether its position is compromising some sort of structural integrity or seal or something. It's not sticking out too far but it's noticeable. Do I leave it, take it out? push it in? Any thoughts? I'll post a picture later after work. Andy
  2. Ford Options - Couple Clarifications?

    thank you so much for your reply that helped a lot. A friend had a car on a similar finance option and a few months before the end of the finance period he sold it privately and paid it all of on loan so he could get a new car early. Just wondered my options. Keeping it until the finance ends, using a loan to keep it and then selling it privately sounds like my best option. Thanks again for your help. Andy
  3. Hey everyone, I bought my mk7 fiesta last june on Ford Options finance. Now it's almost a year since I got it and I've already forgotten some details of the Ford Options finance deal. Can someone help me out? So at the end of my period (two years) I have the three options, one of them being trade up, but what exactly happens? My GFMV thingy is roughly 5k. So when I trade for a new car, do I get 5k value, or the the money I spent (about 7k)? Also, is it possible to end the finance one year in to get a newer car with better features? What are the drawbacks? If anyone could help that would be great, Thanks. Andy
  4. Hazard Lights On Under Heavy Braking?

    When I was test driving a fiesta just before I bought one I asked the salesman about the auto hazard thing and he was surprised I knew about it. He explained that he's had customers complaining that the dash was faulty because of this feature!
  5. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Just followed this entire thread, Pity you couldn't get it working Steve. I really want USB + A2DP on my BT + VC fiesta. I wanted a car immediately, and I didn't have the option of USB (despite wanting to). Has anyone actually asked a dealer/fitter to do all the legwork for you? Maybe it would be cheaper. No reason we should pay ~£200 for a £50 upgrade at factory. I'm gonna ask some dealers tomorrow if they can do this for me, instead of me having to buy the parts. Surely a dealer can do this for you.
  6. Hellooo!

    Hey everyone! I've just joined so I'm saying hello =]. I first found this website when looking for something for my Ford Fiesta, and now I want to join in! I have an '09 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 90PS in Vision (blue) only a few months old now. I live in the Hampshire area :) I'm an IT specialist (programmer mainly). Please say hello, and I will be active on the forums! Thanks